Criminals Car Hit By Lightning After Robbing Church, Witnesses Say

Criminals car hit by lightning after robbing church, witnesses say (Intellihub, Dec 20, 2014):

According to reports circulating on Internet news websites, the Drudge Report and others, a car full of “masked” bandits, allegedly in a high-speed pursuit with police after robbing a church on Dec. 9, were struck by lightning, in what some would consider a divine act of God.

[I.U.: Uh-huh ….Really? And the only reason Obama, Bush, Clinton, the Rockefeller’s, the Morgan’s, the Schiff’s, the Warburg’s, the Rothschild’s, etc. haven’t been punished so far, is that God wasn’t able to come up with an adequate punishment, right?]

Although the chance of getting struck by lightning is about 1 in 700,000, in any one given year, these criminals may have got what they deserved.

Eyewitnesses, who filmed the encounter, watched in awe as the criminals car exploded into tiny bits and pieces during a massive hail storm, killing all occupants.

While there is really no way to confirm if the video is authentic, it appears to be, and has already garnered worldwide attention.

I wonder if the criminals insurance will cover the strike under “an act of God”?

1 thought on “Criminals Car Hit By Lightning After Robbing Church, Witnesses Say”

  1. If that happens to the greedy guts, I will pay attention.
    Otherwise, I will figure it is just another Youtube creation.
    Lightening hits metal, not plastic, and most cars are finished in plastic….
    Also, lightening hits the highest point in the area………..unlikely it would be a vehicle.


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