India Snowfall Crisis Continues — Cold Wave Hits North India, Kills 30

India Snowfall Crisis Continues (Ice Age Now, Dec 19, 2014):

Snowfall crisis. For the sixth day, Manali-Kullu powerless and paralysed.

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19 Dec 2014 – Internationally famed Kullu-Manali, a popular tourist destination, has suffered heavily with continued disruption of power supply and telecom services. Roads are blocked by snow and fallen trees/electricity poles and hoteliers face huge cancellations ahead of the Christmas and New Year eve rush.

For the sixth day, the twin tourists towns of Kullu and Manali remain without power. Thousands of tourists have cancelled their stays and returned home. Power disruption has hit the towns badly. Road clearing has so far been done only on Kullu-Manali road, but even then, lots of vehicles remain stranded.

“The situation in Manali is very bad,” said Sunil Bamba, a Manali hotelier. “I have faced huge cancellations during past three days…. It’s a tough time for the hotel industry…. The heavy snowfall has caught everyone by surprise.”

Cold wave hits north India – 30 killed (Ice Age Now, Dec 18, 2014):

18 Dec 2014 – In some of the heaviest snowfall seen in Uttarakhand in recent times, 30 people have died in the hills in the last two days, according to the State Disaster Mitigation and Management Centre.

Himachal Pradesh also recorded heavy snowfall. The icy winds coming from these hill region swept Uttar Pradesh as well, leading to drop in temperatures.

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