1 thought on “Fed Cat Bounce: Stocks Soar Most In 3 Years As Crude Crash Continues”

  1. As a person who has invested in the stock market for 50 years, I find the incredible changes in the hundreds of billions (each point signifies a billion dollars on the DOW). When a market goes down 200 points one day, up 400 the next, and so on, it tells me a lot.

    When it goes up so violently as it did today, greedy guts are playing it to get more suckers into the game, and they are using any and all transactions to make it look like growth regardless there is none.

    A stable market does not have these violent rises and falls, just one that is in trouble.

    I remember the 1987 crash, the day when the market went down 501 points…..in those days, we did have a stable market with strong, credible regulations. We studied the situation, and purchased utilities…….a wise move under the circumstance.

    Always go down a couple of levels to see what the market is really doing before buying a thing, no matter how attractive. Example: If printers are in high demand, paper stock might be worth reviewing, and when we had a real market, that was the way we played.

    A few days ago, this website listed a very interesting story…..of corporate CEOs and other executives of the companies are all buying back their own stock…………..using BORROWED money. The company at the top of the list was Apple Computer. This is one last, nasty effort to really screw the stockholder when the crash comes……………..and it is upon us. I cannot begin to list all the communities and cities that have invested all their funds into Apple, sure their stock rise would continue endlessly. …..I am no longer in politics, so cannot even scream at them about their folly.

    Apple isn’t the only company doing this, and I urge all people who read this site and are still playing the US market to do so before another day passes.Without regulations, all bets are up, rigged and slanted in favor of greedy guts, not you and me.

    A couple of years ago, I got rid of the last stock I held……..the market is too dangerous and crooked, even for folks like me who grew up in the system……depressing and already too complex for those who play by the old rules. When greedy guts are given a heads up before the bell which way to play, it is too much for the rest of us. So, I believe the market is a dangerous place to be these days.

    Once the republicans get into power in less than a month, it will get much worse.

    The greedy, mindless have taken overl


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