1 thought on “Total Chaos: Massive Market Moves Spark Selling-Panic Into Close”

  1. Greedy guts are pumping the US markets today regardless the world markets are crashing. They are so hot for another war, this one with Russia will destroy what is left of the shell called USA. If they are stupid enough to hit Russia regardless they have NO RIGHT legally or morally to do so, the world will unite against the US.

    The US has lost wars before, if they force a war in Russia, they will not only lose, they will be sidelined forever. There is no respect left for the US, and if they do this, the world will join together to shut down the US for good…..and they will succeed.

    Why anyone would set on a unilateral path against one of the world’s most popular leaders, endeavor to destabilize a united nation on its own, with no help from anyone else. The so called Ukraine government is despised as being the US puppet it is, and “lethal support” will be against the majority of the Ukraine people who see themselves as Russian. This will spin out of control so quickly, the US will find out what Russians are made of………..far sterner stuff than that pansy in the white house. They will run the US puppets out, and fight on Russia’s side.

    China has been building a huge military, and they will side with Russia, they are one of the key members in BRICS…..the C stands for China, as the R stands for Russia. India, Brazil and South Africa make up the other leading members, and they will all side with Putin. OPEC has money to help, and they sure won’t stand with the US, they kicked the Petrodollar to the curb over two weeks ago when they refused to slow production. They may not work actively, but behind the scenes, they will……….and it won’t be for the US benefit.

    Even if the Saudis side with the US, they have no armies, they have US armies……and then you have Israel. That is it on the US side, the rest of the world is with Putin.

    I really think the idea of putting fools in as presidents is bad. But putting these idiots in charge of the military when they have had no experience with military at all is internecine in depth. The last man with a clue of what it takes to organize and run a war was Eisenhower………I don’t count Bush’s single air run where everyone died but him as true experience, any more than JFK……although he at least had a leadership position.

    It takes a lot to start and win a world war. Allies and coalition to start, and the US has neither. If I were young, and not dying of a rare cancer of the spine, I would leave this country for good.


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