Snow Brings Traffic To A Standstill In Hessen, Germany

Snow brings traffic to a standstill in Hessen, Germany (Ice Age Now, Dec 12, 2014):

50 km (30 miles) congestion on highways because of snow

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It snowed on Thursday evening only briefly in Hessen, Germany, but the snow affected many motorists.

On the Hessian motorways there were severe traffic delays. As a spokeswoman for the police said, the cars were on Thursday night at times to a total length of 50 kilometers.

On Highway 5 the traffic between the Hattenbacher triangle and the exit Alsfeld in both directions came to a halt, mainly because trucks were no longer able to drive on steep sections.

Because cars also jammed at the connection points, the A4 and A7 were also affected. After three hours traffic rolled back to normal.

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