A “Wonderful Day With President Putin”


Obama Takes on Critics as He Expands on Foreign Policy (Bloomberg):

He also criticized detractors who have called for more action in Ukraine, pointing to his ability to solidify international unity and saying Russia “has never been more isolated.”

2 thoughts on “A “Wonderful Day With President Putin””

  1. Russia has never been so isolated? With India, China, South Africa and Brazil as major partners? With much of South and Central America joined with his financial system, also much of Africa, Turkey, Iran, the middle east, including OPEC? OPEC has only to openly admit they have kicked the petrodollar to the curb……they said as much when they refused to lower production shoving another knife into the faltering US economy……much of their business is done without the use of the dollar. Switzerland, Qatar and Canada are the latest to join Putin’s system.
    With Putin’s system, no world reserve currency is needed, and that is the real deal for most of the world. The US so abused their status, the world sought another alternative, and Putin provided it.
    Yet, Russia is isolated?
    The delusion of Obama, and the stooges around him is beyond belief.
    The US and the EU are the isolated ones, and the EU is moving towards the east. Germany, France and the UK are already finding alternative trade methods to avoid using the dollar.
    The waste of the dollar, the US refusal to see the truth has doomed us.
    It is but a matter of weeks or months before the dollar collapses.
    Sending the tanks towards Russia only speeds that process up.
    We truly have fools in power.


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