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  1. On something far worse than another financial chart affecting greedy guts……. whales will be extinct for sure thanks to Fukushima. Such a high level mammal on the scale tells me we are not far behind…..while our world is destroyed, money fools fiddle about nothing……….this reminds me of……..
    an interesting documentary on Pompeii, a subject of great interest to me.

    There were 52 people who survived the fall of rock and ash in a barrel enforced cellar of a very rich man, his seal was still on his hand which is why they know who he was……half of the people were with him, all grasping gold, coin, jewels………….none touching, or holding even the hands of another.

    The people on the other side of the room had nothing, so clung to each other.

    Who was the wealthier?

    This noise about the world economy which for a change is valid, pales in comparison to the growing disaster on our shores.


  2. Whether the greedy guts realize this or not, this is one of the final shots fired into the heart of the corrupt US economy……..OPEC is playing for themselves and the east, not the US, or even OPEC members in the west. This is one of the final pieces of the well thought out financial war against the US, and keeping oil production at current high levels hurts the US. Yes, it pains other countries, but the US put all their eggs into one basket, the greedy idea they could grab all this wealth by producing oil, regardless of the cost to the drinking water qualities of their own people………..regardless fracking was causing earthquakes in areas of the US that never suffered them before. All for profit.

    On the floor of the forum in Pompeii was a symbol reading “Profit”. That was their main goal in life too. We saw what happened to them.

    This has cut disgusting fracking, and drilling by over 40% in the US already. Many people are saying “thank God,” as their drinking water may be saved after all. The disgusting sock puppet false representatives work against them every day.

    The world has moved away completely from the US. Whatever madman is behind the sock puppet in the white house has convinced the world the US must be stopped, as Germany had to be stopped in 1940, Napoleon in 1814, always when the world stops and unites, such madmen are isolated, and their power removed.

    The tanks moving across towards Russia are the final straw. Even US friends in the EU realize the US has to be stopped. We are now down to weeks before the EU dumps the dollar for Putin’s open basket of currencies, and the collapse of the dollar.

    It is too much. Attacking nations that did nothing to harm the US, stealing their resources for their friends, bombing other countries in the name of fighting terror………the US has become a dangerous enemy to all, except the mad idiots in Israel who are just as insane. Over 4 million Iraq citizens are homeless, millions more wounded and dead. Now, the US is attacking them again because nobody else will join with their mad efforts anywhere else on the globe. Even the UK told the US no……..the US has no allies and no coalitions. So, they unilaterally bomb Iraq again……I knew the 50,000 mercenaries left there were for some reason.

    Doing nothing to fix the crooked markets that destroyed the world economy, investigating and punishing none of the wrongdoers……..these acts all turned the world against the US. Such blatant disregard for the benefit and lives of millions is so unlike the America we all knew and loved….

    The US has become a rogue nation, isolated and despised by all.
    The final pieces of the economic war are in place. We are down to weeks, not months.


  3. Looks like the democrat sock puppets are trying to stop some really dangerous moves in the latest, corrupt spending bill. Not one word against the billions in give away deals to greedy guts, but she has found a couple of items out of many to get media coverage…..



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