3 thoughts on “Vegan Frank Medrano: Superhuman Bodyweight Workout Domination (Video)”

    • To squodgy,

      Looks like “divide et impera” at it’s best!!!

      They can only win if they play this card (race against race, religion against religion, country against country, male against female, young against old, middle class against the poor, etc.) as often as they can.

      If we the people of planet earth would stand together, it would be game over for TBTB … NOW! …

      … but that would require that the people would have to achieve a much higher spiritual level that the majority is expressing right now on a daily basis.

      And TPTB know exactly how to dumb the people down and keeping them from achieving this level of understanding & awareness by bombarding them with toxic food aditives, chemtrails, GMO, water fluoridation, vaccinations, Big Pharma’s drugs, entertainment, frequencies, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, cosmetics etc.

  1. Yes….in other words….we’re screwed by our own failings.

    Our generation can but sit and regret the results of our historical passiveness.

    My daughter has been spending 4 evenings every school week, teaching her kids maths & English & general knowledge to the level that the eldest is now 2 years ahead of his peers.

    She has just been admonished by the kid’s head of primary school because he knows too much!
    We cannot possibly beat this crisis alone, yet to bring shortcomings to the notice of others produces accusations of scaremongering, conspiracist, and the usual, ‘it’ll all be OK in the long run!

    The only hope is that the deniers are the first victims and TPTB give up because there aren’t enough of us left to help.


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