Obama’s One-Night-Stay At Brisbane G-20 Cost Taxpayers $1.7 Million


Obama’s One-Night-Stay At Brisbane G-20 Cost Taxpayers $1.7 Million (ZeroHedge, Dec 9, 2014):

Having secured for himself the most expensive suite of all the leaders at the G-20 meeting in Brisbane, Australia on November 15th, The Daily Mail reports that President Obama’s 4,096-room entourage of security guards and assistants cost taxpayers a stunning $1.732 million for the one-night-stand against Putin. “Some folks are being ripped off…”

2 thoughts on “Obama’s One-Night-Stay At Brisbane G-20 Cost Taxpayers $1.7 Million”

  1. As the dollar moves closer to collapse, it will be obvious to many why it happened.
    Soon, such excesses will be no more. Our money won’t be worth anything to anyone. This is what happens when you have leadership such as we have endured since the days of Bill Clinton. It started with Reagan, but at least we still had banking regulations. It was that piece of crap Clinton who signed away all the regulations that kept us #1 in the world.
    Now, 25 years later, we are at the end of the rope……we are finished. Everyone knows it but our fool leaders. Soon, they will be radically changed. The political landscape of 2016 will be very different than what they intend.


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