US seeks to overthrow political leadership in Russia – Foreign Ministry

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov

US seeks to overthrow political leadership in Russia – Foreign Ministry (RT, Dec 8,  2014):

By imposing sanctions on Moscow, the US aims to change the political leadership, says the Russian Foreign Ministry, adding that Washington is “twisting the arms” of its allies so that they can continue an “anti-Russian front.”

“Behind the formally-declared aim to make us alter our position towards Ukraine, [we] see the [US] plan to form social and economic conditions to change leadership in Russia,” said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov.

According to Ryabkov, first of all Western countries wanted “to punish” Russia for “free will of people in Crimea and [the city of] Sevastopol,” who in a March referendum decided to separate from Ukraine and to join Russia.

Then they decided “that Russia has to, according to US opinion, totally change course towards the Kiev authorities and Eastern Ukraine in general, and to re-evaluate its foreign policy,” he said.

Ryabkov noted that apart from plans to destabilize Moscow leadership, US are “twisting arms” of their own allies so that they could continue “Anti-Russian front” and follow US policies on sanctions against Russia.

“But the US is not ashamed of insisting on cooperation with us [Russia] on matters affecting its own interests,” he said. He used the example of the Iranian nuclear talks, in which both Russia and the US take part.

Ryabkov added that the Kremlin is not planning to start talks with US and its Western allies in order to get the sanctions towards Russia repealed.

He criticized the US resolution strongly condemning Moscow’s actions against its neighbors, and labeling them a policy of aggression.

“We see this document as the next step and further elaboration of those tendencies which have recently dominated Washington’s policy towards Russia.”

Passed December 4, the resolution slams Russia’s “continuing political, economic and military aggression” against Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, and the “continuing violation of their sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.”

Ryabkov doesn’t exclude that there will be further complications with the US in the future.

Moscow is “trying hard to stabilize relations” with Washington, but the resolution is a barometer of quite different attitude in the US towards Russia, he added.

“We are not ready to make concessions to the US on principal questions, but we are ready and will be looking for the balance of interests and common denominator where it is possible,” he said.

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  1. In the next few weeks or months, Putin is going to close the final door on the US. He is already working with Germany, and squeezing those EU countries not able to make political choices due to over the top debt level. BRICS is offering loans to small countries wanting freedom from US financial domination…….who wants to bet France and the UK are not on the list?

    Where Germany, France and the UK go, so goes the EU. Already these three countries are using alternative trade systems to avoid the dollar……when they dump the dollar in favor of Putin’s basket of currencies, so will follow the rest of the EU, or collapse. When that happens, and it could be this week for all we know, the dollar, now solely dependent upon the EU, will collapse.

    And this bankrupt nation, the US, is going to overthrow one of the most popular and powerful men in the world? Putin has engineered the end of US financial domination of the world by taking Hugo Chavez’s system, and building a huge world economy on it……rendering the need for any world reserve currency obsolete……..we have delusional fools in power in the US, and it is a shame to the people to have such fools as leaders. Over 70% of the world now uses alternatives to the dollar. With current US behavior, it will soon be 90%………and finally all will abandon the US.

    We are down to weeks, folks. Bombing of Syria, using the fake ISIS as a reason is taunting Putin to respond…….and I think he will, but it won’t be as the US hopes, it will be economic, and remove the EU as a user of the dollar…..causing its collapse. Putin is truly a chess player, and our leaders are barbarians knowing nothing but guns and bombs.

    The collapse of the dollar will stop the warmongering because the war contractors and mercenaries will abandon the US as soon as they get wind the money is no good. This is how Putin will respond…….it is obvious……..
    That is the only good thing that will come out of it for the American people….the endless wars will stop. No money to pay for them.

    The markets are empty. Bond debt level is over $100 Trillion. World GDP is half of that. Bonds are dead. 90% of all transactions on the stock market are high frequency skim and sell………….and millions continue to leave the market each week. The only buyers are corporations buying back stock with borrowed money…………….that will really screw all stockholders.

    The game is up.
    We are down to weeks.


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