Washington and Baghdad agree to grant US troops immunity, says US Ambassador in Iraq

The US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones

Washington and Baghdad agree to grant US troops immunity, says US Ambassador in Iraq (Iraqi News, Dec 7, 2014):

On Friday, the US Ambassador in Iraq, Stuart Jones revealed that Washington and Baghdad had an agreement on prosecution granting privileges and immunity to US forces, promising the tribes to obtain an integrated role with Iraqi security forces in the battle against the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and stressing the importance of militias supported by Iran under the supervision and control of the Iraqi state.

Jones said in an interview with the ‘Associated Press Agency ‘ followed by IraqiNews.com, “Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi assured that US forces would have immunity from prosecution,” pointing out that, “these forces will have a different role.”

Jones added, “We have assurances from the Iraqi government on the privileges and immunities that we need,” noting that, “these assertions were the basis of the written communications between the two governments, and were based on the strategic framework agreement which is also the legal basis for our partnership.”

On recruiting clans, Jones said, “What I can say to the tribes that you will get an integrated role with the security forces to have the interest of air strikes, and we can play a facilitating role, but we will not exceed it.”

The US ambassador added, “Let’s be honest that Iranian-backed militias play an important role in Iraq’s security; they have been an effective fighting force and helped the Iraqi security forces frequently in some of these military victories. Now, they need to be placed under the supervision and control of the state”, pointing out that, “Iran is a significant neighbor of Iraq, and there must be cooperation between the two sides.”

1 thought on “Washington and Baghdad agree to grant US troops immunity, says US Ambassador in Iraq”

  1. What choice has Baghdad?
    The US has attacked them again for no reason because no other nation will join them in a war, the US is so poorly thought of………..all credibility is gone.
    The final move for B.R.I.C.S. is to squeeze the EU a bit more to force some of the weaker nations to join the basket of currencies, abandoning the dollar.
    As soon as the EU stops using the dollar, it will collapse, stopping the fool wars that are destroying other nations. The world is fed up with the US, and the CIA created ISIS is the lowest move yet.
    It is a matter of weeks………..
    This is one reason I saw the political landscape will be far different in 2016.
    A clinton or a bush will have no chance at all.


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