Are We Reliving The 1930s?

Are We Reliving The 1930s? (ZeroHedge, Dec 7, 2014):

Seeing the two “depressions” as historically and generationally comparable, makes it easier to recognize other similarities between the 1930s and the 2010s. Many are economic, as we have seen. But others are demographic (falling fertility, migration, and mobility). Still others are social (growing localism, income inequality, and distrust of elites; stronger families; and declines in personal risk-taking). And still others, ominously, are geopolitical (rising isolationism, nationalism, and authoritarianism, and the unraveling of any “world order” consensus). The confluence of all these trends is not accidental…

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  1. In the 1930s, we were the world’s largest lending nation.
    Our currency was backed with gold.
    We had the respect of the world, our word was our bond.
    We were the largest emerging MFG nation on the planet.
    We set up work projects to put people back to work, the WPA was one of many.
    Steps were taken to help our people.
    Social security was put into place.
    Our leaders were working for the people.

    We are nothing like we were in the 1930s.


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