Waist-deep snow in China – Most severe snowstorm in years

Waist-deep snow in China – Most severe snowstorm in years (Ice Age Now, Dec 4, 2014):

The snow is up to 3 feet (90 cm) deep, leaving residents struggling to open doors.

A blizzard lasting more than 60 hours hit Fuyuan County, a border town in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province on Thursday.

Local communities banded together to clear snow from roads, and the county government said a contingency plan is in place to relieve economic stresses due to the snow.

Parts of China resemble Antarctica

According to a Greek website: Parts of China resemble Antarctica.

The snow has exceeded one meter (39 inches) in Cheilongkziangk province in northeast China, as the area was hit by the most severe snowstorm in years.

“I started to shovel snow outside my door at 6 am and after 2-3 hours I arrived at the curb,” says ekas local resident in camera of Chinese television.

The last two 24-hour non-stop snowing so a dense veil of snow has covered everything, paralyzing transportation and causing huge problems.

Temperatures reached as low as minus 20 Celsius (-4 F).



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