US Gov’t: Uranium plant leak “warranted emergency classification of ALERT” — Worker: “Video shows release was out of control… Smoke billowing… They refused to warn community”

US Gov’t: Uranium plant leak “warranted emergency classification of ALERT” — Worker: “Video shows release was out of control… Smoke billowing… They refused to warn community” — TV: “I’ve lived here 30 years and never seen anything like it… I was shocked” — “It’s ridiculous… it’s not contained, everybody watched it” (VIDEOS) (ENENews, Nov 17, 2014):

 Follow-up to: “Emergency” at US Nuclear Facility, Uranium Gas Release–Witnesses: “There’s the plume… moving across highway… Chemical taste in mouth… I could smell it!” (VIDEO)

NRC, Nov. 13, 2014 (emphasis added): NRC inspection found that Honeywell did not recognize that the HF [hydrogen fluoride gas] released… warranted an emergency classification of ALERT. Honeywell agreed with the NRC findings and subsequently reported their failure…  The NRC has reviewed Honeywell’s calculations on the amount of HF released and their subsequent plume estimateweekly radioactive air monitoring reports for the fence line and nearest residence [show] the activity results were within the Honeywell license limits.

NRC, Oct. 27, 2014: An operator noticed on the room monitor video screen a haze in the air… This haze indicated a UF6 leak… public outside the plant reported a cloud emanating from the building for five minutes before the mitigation spray towers were activated… Region II received initial notification of this occurrence by public inquiry

NRC, Nov. 12, 2014: Hydrogen fluoride gas… was visible emanating from the building.

ABC 3, Oct. 28, 2014: A leak… has residents concerned for their safety… Company officials say there’s nothing to be worried about, but neighbors and plant union workers think it’s more serious than they’re letting on… Heather Cremeens lives less than a block from the plant… Throughout the years, she’s seen a few releasesbut nothing this big.

Heather Cremeens, lives a block away: “I have lived here for 30 years and I have never seen anything like that before in my life… We grabbed our child… and we took off, we didn’t know what to do… I was shocked they didn’t let us know.”

NBC 6, Oct. 30, 2014: A spokesman tells us the release was contained… But people that live nearby are trying to figure out what was that large cloud blowing awayGary Cameronsays the hour-long release Sunday night was different.

Gary Cameron, 30 years living a mile away: “It’s ridiculous, they have these leaks and they say it’s contained every time. It’s not contained — everybody stood there and watched it.”

John Smith, worker: “Water’s heavier than air [and] going to sink… HF vapor is lighter than air, it’s going to move up, the cloud leaving the facility was definitely moving horizontal and up

ABC 3, Oct. 28, 2014: Neighbors have reported there was a heavy metallic smell in the air.

Stephen Lech, union president: “Smoke [was] billowing from… the building… 7 minutes after the release started, the mitigation towers began… An impossibility [the cloud was water]. The spray towers [are] large, they look a lot like a fire stream… Honeywell’s explanation is that fog [is] water vapor… that’s just not a possibility. We expect Honeywell to come clean.”

Lech: “The company refused to warn the community and told responders that the release was contained to their building and the cloud was water… We believe this video shows that the release was out of control and went on for almost 6 minutes before the spray towers were activated (5:46 in the video). We believe Honeywell has lied to the community.”

Watch the video here

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