Vladimir Putin Claims He Is leaving G20 Early Because He Needs More Sleep

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Vladimir Putin leaving G20 early “to get some sleep”

Vladimir Putin claims he is leaving G20 early because he needs more sleep (Telegraph, Nov 16, 2014):

Vladimir Putin rejects claims that he is leaving the G20 early because of tense meetings with David Cameron and other western leaders

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, claims he has left the G20 early because he is tired and needs more sleep before returning to work on Monday.

Mr Putin flew out of Brisbane in Australia amid intense criticism from other Western leaders over Russia’s intervention in the Ukraine.

However, Mr Putin claimed that his decision to leave was nothing to do with the tense meetings he has held with leaders including David Cameron and Francois Hollande, the French President.

“It will take me nine hours to Vladivostok and another nine to Moscow,” said the Russian president. “On Monday morning I have to go to work and I need four to five hours’ sleep.”

Mr Putin said Ukraine had not been mentioned during the official sessions of the G20, but had dominated bilateral discussions with other leaders.

He accused the authorities in Kiev of imposing an “economic blockade” on the breakaway Russian-speaking regions of Lugansk and Donetsk.

“I think this is a big mistake, because what they are doing is cutting away those territories from their country,” said the Russian leader. “Why they are doing it I don’t understand.”

Mr Putin described his talks on Ukraine with European leaders as “very frank, very substantive and, I think, helpful”.

“I think we were able to get to a point where we understand each other better,” he said. “We have our motives and I think that our partners were able to express their concerns to me. I think this will help us.”

He said he wanted to work together with Ukraine “as soon as possible” on resolving difficulties, and said he could see “some promising trends right now” which gave him hope of making progress.

5 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin Claims He Is leaving G20 Early Because He Needs More Sleep”

  1. The clowns continue as if nothing has changed, and as if the US and EU were still world leaders………they don’t care how many jobs they kill, lets make a statement…….
    I agree with Putin. I don’t understand it either, it looks like Pride turned to arrogance.

  2. It seems his hotel confirms that his early departure was scheduled from the start, and the hoohaa was merely a continuation of western MSM baying.

  3. Unlike the rest of the clowns, he has real duties, and does his work.
    That is why he has such success and power.
    I just wish he were on our side, but I understand why he isn’t.

  4. Cameron really is a vacuous puppet……thinking about it is there any other kind?

    He bores me stupid and irritates with his obviously primed rhetoric, he cannot think for himself for he might be fired!

    I fully understand why Vlad left now.


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