Putin Arrived At G-20 Meeting Escorted By 4 Warships; Sent Clear ‘Message’ By World Leaders


Putin Arrives At G-20 Meeting Escorted By 4 Warships; Sent Clear ‘Message’ By World Leaders (ZeroHedge, Nov 15, 2014):

Having been ‘guest-of-honor’ at the APEC Summit the previous week, it appears Russian President Vladimir Putin is getting the ‘Obama-at-APEC’ treatment at the G-20 meeting in Brisbane. Following his ‘odd’ shaped convoy of protection last week, The Independent reports Putin chose a different type of entourage this week as he headed to meet the world’s leaders. Putin has stationed four warships close to Australian waters as he arrived in Australia. Having drawn ridicule from no lesser wit than Britain’s David Cameron who sarcastically bleeted, I didn’t feel it necessary to bring a warship myself to keep myself safe at this G20, and I’m sure that Putin won’t be in any danger,” when it came time for the team photo, it was clear what ‘message’ was being sent


3 thoughts on “Putin Arrived At G-20 Meeting Escorted By 4 Warships; Sent Clear ‘Message’ By World Leaders”

  1. The British haven’t got any warships left so Dopy Dave’s comment is moot.

    Also, who the hell would bother to threaten Dopy Dave?

    Putin’s action was right & despite being ridiculed, we mustn’t forget who is waging war on whom.

    If I were Vlad, I’d be pleased I was rattling them.

    The claim that Russia’s economy is failing is also moot, especially as every other country’s figures will not stand unbiased close inspection.

  2. To Squodgy: I agree 100%.
    These clowns are so jealous, so angry that Russia quietly caught up and passed them in the night…….
    Stanley, did you know over 70% of world economies no longer use the dollar? It is amazing how they kept this information hidden from the people………
    Russia is making money, so is Brazil, India, South Africa…..China isn’t because of the mass exodus going on due to horrible pollution, but they have all the blueprints of the greedy corporations from GE power plants to Ford Focus. They can build anything Russia needs, or that is a sanction from the idiots in the EU or US.

    They need to face reality. Russia, EU and US………only one making money is Russia……
    The US and EU have one thing in common. Both have groups of bureaucratic idiots in power.


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