More Humiliation: China Furious At “Disrespectful” Nicorette-Chewing Obama


More Humiliation: China Furious At “Disrespectful” Nicorette-Chewing Obama (ZeroHedge, Nov 12, 2014):

“The chew seen around the world,” as President Obama chomped on Nicorette gum during the recent APEC summit ceremonies, has sparked outrage in China, describing his behavior as “rude” and “inappropriate.”

1 thought on “More Humiliation: China Furious At “Disrespectful” Nicorette-Chewing Obama”

  1. I was taught decent people never chewed gum, period. None of us did, I had two brothers and a sister, and none of us chewed gum, whistled, or smoked on the street. This was how it was, and Obama chewing gum in public is disgusting to me, and those of us who never did that.

    I actually used that gum years ago when it required a prescription. You were to chew three times and allow it to sit against your gum at the back of your mouth……..I did that in private, too, but had I gone out, nobody would have known. Chewing it detracts from it’s purpose, which is to get nicotine into your system so that not smoking is totally painless.

    I used as many as I needed the first day (I think five or six). I never went above that number. In a few days, I dropped it to four, few more, three, than two, than one…..and finally, none. It is a painless and effective way to quit, and I have not picked since.

    The fact he still screws around with it tells me he is a man of no convictions or character. He ought to have quit by now….it has been over six years since he said he was quitting.


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