Deadly Volcanic Gases (That Aren’t Stopping) Force Icelanders To Stay Inside

Deadly volcanic gases (that aren’t stopping) force Icelanders to stay inside (Ice Age Now, Nov 10, 2014):

The kids at the Graenuvellir kindergarten in Husavik, north Iceland, were kept inside on Nov. 4 to protect them from sulfur-dioxide gases spewing from the Holuhraun lava field near the Bardarbunga volcano, says this article on

“The eruption has been going for almost three months and shows no sign of stopping. Red-hot lava now covers 70 sq. km. (27 sq. miles), an area larger than Manhattan.

Bardarbunga, one of Iceland’s largest volcanoes, began rumbling on Aug. 16.

And it’s still rumbling.

In the past three days, about 200 earthquakes have rocked the area, with the biggest one – about magnitude 5.2 – measured yesterday evening.

While this eruption isn’t the largest on record, it’s being compared to the 1783 Laki blowout, which lasted for seven to eight months and eventually covered 600 square kilometers in lava, said Bergthora S. Thorbjarnardottir, a geophysicist at the Met Office.

See entire article: ope-forgets.html

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