The End Game of Statism: Police Kidnaps Students To Be Executed, Their Bodies Burned And Thrown In The River

The End Game of Statism: Police Kidnaps Students to Be Executed, Their Bodies Burned and Thrown in the River (Life In The Know, Nov 8, 2014):

Mexican students, who disappeared in September in southwest Mexico, were kidnapped by the police at the behest of a local mayor, and is believed that they were turned over to cartel members who killed them, burned their bodies, and threw the remains into the river, according to nation’s attorney general Jesus Murillo Karam.

This is the conclusion of the federal inquiry on the disappearance of 43 Mexican students. The attorney general added that further information will be known after the first series of DNA tests on the burned victims are completed, which will pose a significant challenge as it is hard to extricate DNA identification from charred remains. Murillo described the inquiry as one of the most complicated federal investigations conducted by the state.


On 26th of September, armed men ambushed groups of students traveling in busses and vans from their teacher’s college in Ayotzinapi, in southwest Mexican state Guerrero. The state published their photographs and offered a reward of one million pesos for any information that would lead to finding them.

Students were known for their activism

The victims were mostly males in their early twenties who attended a teacher’s college in Ayotzinapi. The teacher’s school is over 80 years old and is known to be a center of leftist activism in the local area. When their school faced financial difficulties they decided to organize a protest in the nearby town of Iguala. Since then all trace of them had been lost. On Friday, Murillo announced that three men were arrested, they confessed to execution of a large number of people believed to be the students. According to their testimony, police officers turned the kidnapped students to them to be executed, and the three men belonged to the Guerreros Unido gang.

The federal authorities arrested the mayor of Iguala, Jose Luis Abarca, believed to be an architect of the mass police kidnapping of the students, along with his wife Maria de los Angeles Pineda. They were caught earlier this week in Mexico City where they were in hiding.

As of yet the police chief is still on the run

The investigation showed that the mayor, after finding out that the student protest will disrupt one of his major official events, ordered the chief of police of Iguala, Felipe Flores Velasquez to stop and apprehend the students. So far, the federal authorities arrested 74 individuals connected to the disappearance. At the press conference Murillo played the confession tapes of the three gang members, showed the photographs of the dumping ground where the bodies were burned, including the photos and video of the removal of the remains.

The kidnapping caused mass protests, clashes with the police, including the burning of the local government building.

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