The Magic Of CPI: Watch How Economists Transform A 400% Price Increase Into A 7.1% Decline


The Magic Of CPI: Watch How Economists Transform A 400% Price Increase Into A 7.1% Decline (ZeroHedge, Nov 6, 2014):

Confused how your cost of living increase is always orders of magnitude above the “inflation” reported by the BLS’ Consumer Price Index? Then prepare for your daily dose of Keynesian epiphany, with this step by step guide from the BLS of how to use the Hedonic Quality Adjustment to turn a 400% price increase into a 7.1% decline.

1 thought on “The Magic Of CPI: Watch How Economists Transform A 400% Price Increase Into A 7.1% Decline”

  1. The only ones who buy into this are ones who don’t have to worry about the cost of food or drinking water. Prices for everything are skyrocketing…..shocking. I mentioned the large bottle of aspirin selling for $23.95……anything you want that is decent, you pay way more than you did two years ago.

    It is due to the falling value of the dollar…….it isn’t inflation, there is no growth or activity in the economy to warrant these prices….a roasted chicken take home from the grocery store is $12-14.00, depending where you shop. A decent loaf of good bread runs over $7.00. Organic milk….the kind that lasts in the refrigerator as long as it takes me to consume it……I am not a heavy milk drinker, a half gallon carton is $5-6.00. That is $10-12.00 a gallon.

    Due to my position in CA, right on the coast, I no longer buy fish, chicken or beef. Unless I can get fish from the Atlantic Ocean, I won’t touch it. I had to laugh when I read how carefully the Obama people were about checking radiation for their food………safe food shortages will run the price for safe food over the top. The prices will be far above what most can afford, and the depopulation people appear to be right again. I never would have believed it, but now, I do……..

    The truth, no matter how they cover it up, is still the truth. In Logic class when in my senior year of college, we did truth tables…..and the truth tables on this situation….Fukushima and the lack of safe food……would make it very clear. A pity people are not taught logic in high school, truth tables are invaluable.

    We are reaching the point where the truth cannot be concealed much longer. The dead sea animals, the lack of fish, the barnacles covering our beaches make it pretty straightforward……..we are facing our own extinction. Wise people will seek to find the their own self deliverance……dying of radioactive poison is very painful, and it could easily be escaped with a sane government that would hand out the pills, as in the movie “On the Beach”, 1959. It could be done, but not the idiots in charge of this government……it would require facing reality.

    It is very painful to see your world die, your beloved ocean dead…….the Pacific Ocean has been very important to me all my life. I would go there in love and in sorrow, to think, to breathe the air of life……and now, it is gone. Greedy gut Obama make sure their food isn’t radioactive, but the quality of the food for the rest of us is irrelevant.

    We have criminals in charge of our government, the US, the EU, Japan, and other countries. The burning is in my throat, and lungs are there all the time, the metallic taste constant. It is happening very fast, and the fools say nothing. We are dying while our leaders dance and drink in extravagant fetes.

    God help all of us. Damn the criminals.


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