RECOVERY: Job Cuts Surge 68%, Most In 3 Years; Worst October Since 2009

Job Cuts Surge 68%, Most In 3 Years; Worst October Since 2009 (ZeroHedge, Nov 6, 2014):

Maybe this explains the election results? Challenger reports US companies laid off over 51,000 people in October, the most since May (and 2nd most since Feb 2013). This is a 68% surge MoM (and 11.9% rise YoY) – the biggest monthly rise since September 2011. Retail, Computer, and Pharma industries saw the biggest layoffs. Hiring also collapsed from the record 567,705 exuberance in September to just 147,935 in October. This was the worst October for layoffs since 2009.

2 thoughts on “RECOVERY: Job Cuts Surge 68%, Most In 3 Years; Worst October Since 2009”

  1. The election results tell me too many mindless are allowed to vote, too many voting systems are not overseen, and corruption is on everything in the system. I don’t believe the results. The TV said it would be, and it was.

    Rigged systems, corrupt leaders, all need to go. But, unlike the UK, we cannot get rid of them. The Parliamentary system is the best in the world, the reason the UK will always survive as it has for thousands of years. The EU may come and go, the US may collapse, the UK will continue.

  2. Looking at real numbers, 100 million working age Americans are without employment. Out of a population of 335 million, that tells me real unemployment is well over 30%, not under 7%,

    When a government lies all the time, people stop believing it, and that is what has happened here. Every day is just like the one before it, more lies and less truth. Except for the retired or the very affluent, there is no truth in US media.

    The voting system is rigged. There is no reason to vote, it is sock puppet one or two…….nothing else. Anything real is destroyed.

    So, lets get real.


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