The Secret Retrofit of the Citibank Tower in 1978 (Video)


A useful counterpoint to the 9/11 Truth denier’s oft-repeated claim that the World Trade Center’s owners could not have installed explosives without being detected:

The video from Discovery’s “Science Channel” summarizes the story of the Citicorp Center, which underwent major structural retrofits barely a year after its completion, when the architect, William LeMessurier, realized that a design flaw could lead to the building’s collapse in a strong wind.

The truth only became known to the public nearly twenty years later, in a 1995 article that appeared in New Yorker magazine entitled “The Fifty-Nine-Story Crisis”…

“The weakest joint, he discovered, was at the building’s thirtieth floor; if that one gave way, catastrophic failure of the whole structure would follow. Next, he took New York City weather records provided by Alan Davenport and calculated the probability of a storm severe enough to tear that joint apart. His figures told him that such an event had a statistical probability of occurring as often as once every sixteen years–what meteorologists call a sixteen-year storm.

“That was very low, awesomely low,” LeMessurier said, his voice hushed as if the horror of discovery were still fresh….

On Tuesday morning, August 8th, the public-affairs department of Citibank, Citicorp’s chief subsidiary, put out the long delayed press release. In language as bland as a loan officer’s wardrobe, the three-paragraph document said unnamed “engineers who designed the building” had recommended that “certain of the connections in Citicorp Center’s wind bracing system be strengthened through additional welding.” The engineers, the press release added, “have assured us that there is no danger.”

WELDERS started work almost immediately, their torches a dazzlement in the night sky.”

Ask yourself, how many people know this story – even today – ten years after a magazine article was published about it?

It is obvious that the installation of cutter charges in the WTC Towers could easily have been accomplished with no public awareness of what was being planned – especially in view of eyewitness accounts of mysterious power outages and construction noise in the towers in the days and weeks before 9/11.

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