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  1. I don’t have the stomach to watch the video. Now the republicans are in power, he can blame his inaction on them. We have some things happening that may change the face of the US political landscape, but it won’t involve him, at least for long.

    Only 33% of world economies use the dollar any longer, down from 100% in January of 2010. The remaining nations include the EU, and one or two others. The EU is in deep trouble, their debt level is far worse than it is in the US. The US is 100% debt to GDP, EU members are in the multiple hundreds, the UK at over 400%, Ireland over 1200%. Other members, including Germany are well over 200%.

    The idea of the EU was to take 28 small nations, 18 of which are active, and turn a lot of small countries into a big economic power. Problem was simple, nobody looked closely at the accounting methods of each nation, especially Ireland, which seemed to be doing so well, Germany and Cyprus……Italy and Spain…..just awful. Too many practiced Enron accounting, hiding their debt off their spread sheets. Germany tried bailing them out in hopes of gaining power over all the EU by issuing loans. Even the other day, one person sees the EU embracing the Deutschmark as their currency. German Nationalism has not died, and they are nobody’s friends. Unfortunately, an empire of debt is still debt.

    At some point, some of the states unhappy with the austerity inflicted by the Germans and other leading EU members, will dump the dollar and adopt the BRICS as Switzerland (never an EU member) did. When this happens, the dollar will start to collapse……without the EU, the dollar will collapse. There is nothing behind the dollar but ink.

    Debt plus debt equals debt.

    Meanwhile BRICS or the Eurasian Union are all prospering, regardless of what US propaganda says. They have managed to isolate the EU and the US from the rest of the world, except to add more debt, no profits. It cannot go on much longer. Many of us are amazed it has gone this long………what can I say?

    How they keep the markets going up when 85% of all transactions are skim and sell high frequency trades. The key is sell, they never invest a dime. The investors, the remaining 10%, are all sitting on the sideline……they understand it less than we do and are not buying or selling.

    They use the volume of these high frequency trades (such practices used to be illegal) to make the market grow and grow……except that it is doing the opposite…..less and less is being kept in investments, millions a day are being removed. It used to be so much better. If you invested and sold in less than a year and a day, you paid large amounts of taxes called short term capital gains. Now, the greedy guts pay nothing……this is another reason the US is broke, no tax base.
    Investments held for over a year and a day could be sold for less tax costs, long term capital gains……The US had a good tax base, it was a rich country, and our markets were stable. The crap that goes on today would never have been allowed.

    Thank Bill Clinton. He signed our regulations out of existence. Now, they want to run his hag of a wife as a presidential candidate……..how corrupt and sick is that?
    They should be facing the world court, they want to put them back in power to continue the sick Obama administration of bomb and bomb the world until the east is forced to strike back…..and with Putin at the helm, they will.

    Those who breed destruction can gain results of only more of the same.

    We are finished. Financially, socially, and physically.

    Whales no longer have babies, sharks are a third of their weight, and dying off, the Pacific is dead…..50% of our oxygen came from a living Pacific Ocean. Now, who knows? All the fish are dead, animals are dying of old age diseases at 2-3 years of age. Babies are born with strange defects……

    The food chain has been broken, and it has been destroyed.
    85 years after the splitting of the atom, and we face our own destruction.
    Nothing can be done to stop it, and it is too late now.


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