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  1. An interesting concept, when money dies…..none of us have ever experienced a world where money no longer works. Money is a certificate of faith, without that faith in place, there remains only total chaos. Germany has a similar experience after WWI, their currency collapsed, and it took a wheel barrel of paper money to buy a loaf of bread. It has never happened on an international level before……and it actually could, at least to the Euro and the dollar……….I hope it doesn’t happen, it is very painful……..

    The dollar and the Euro have become isolated by the Eurasian Union, or BRICS. All nations, except those in the Euro Zone and the US are actually making money, we are the ones stuck in an ongoing depression that never abates. We have fools in power throwing money to the wind, and we have no say over their outrageous behavior. All our civil rights are gone, and we have idiots in power.

    The Euro is suffering, too, because all member nations lied about their true financial worth when joining the union. All they did was consolidate their debt, not their wealth because they haven’t any. One need only look at Greece, Cyprus, Belgium (supposedly financing all this activity around the world with nothing), Italy, Spain, Ireland (with a record 1200% debt to GDP), and others with equally bad balance sheets. The so-called new economic union has become a disaster. Even worse, without it, the US dollar will collapse.

    Four years ago, all nations completed international deals with the dollar. Today, it is down to 33%, the rest of the world has embraced the Eurasian Union or BRICS. Putin has completely routed us, and this is one reason Obama wildly tried to get people worked up to start a world war with Russia. It didn’t work, he cannot build any allies or any coalition. The US has become a joke. The 33% is made up of Euro members, and as soon as some of their nations break away to join BRICS, the dollar will collapse. Without world reserve status, there is nothing behind the dollar.

    Japan was given a pass for dumping the dollar. Now, without the protection of closing all deals with the dollar, the true lack of worth of the Yen is becoming clear. Instead of endless deflation, they now have hyper inflation, and it is something they have not experienced for a long time, if ever. Suddenly, it costs them 70% more to buy a hamburger in a restaurant than it did a few months ago.
    Opening your currency to the whole world shows its true worth, and Japan has been held up by using the dollar. They rely on exports, and they don’t have any, most of the stuff sent from Japan is returned due to radiation content. This was hidden as long as they used the dollar. Now, they are on their own, and plan to paper the world as the FED did. They don’t have anything to back their money up with………they are self destructing. Sounds like they have fools in power, too.

    We have a great mess, thanks to idiots. The rest of the world is doing fine.

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