Sweden Officially Recognises Palestinian State (AFP Video)

October 31, 2014 – Sweden officially recognises the state of Palestine, becoming the first EU member in western Europe to do so, prompting Israel to recall its ambassador to Stockholm.

5 thoughts on “Sweden Officially Recognises Palestinian State (AFP Video)”

  1. Probably too little too late. Palestine has been destroyed. Israel had become the monster we once wanted to protect them from after WW2.
    I guess this happens a lot with humans. They get hurt, angry, and finally vicious. The viciousness grows until they are as inhuman as the people who tortured them.
    Why does this happen? I don’t know. It doesn’t happen to all people……but to enough to keep the horror growing through the generations.
    Look at the torture committed by the US. Boiling people alive, and other horrible things, things that Henry VIII committed……..we think it won’t happen again, until it does.
    Hitler had concentration camps where they worked people until they died of starvation and overwork. Next, came the gas chambers. And the German people, regardless of the undeniable smell of death ignored the entire thing. I knew one of the photographers who traveled with Eisenhower who had to photograph the whole thing because Eisenhower didn’t want history rewritten or these horrors denied by later generations………..
    Yet, it begins again.

    • Palestine has been destroyed? Israel has made the most of a desert in its portion of the British Mandate. The Arab migrants came to kill Jews and steal what the Israelis had built. When Jordan occupied what is now called the West Bank from 1948-1967, the latter was not called ‘Palestine’, but rather Jordan. Only after Israel occupied it rightfully after being attacked by Jordan in 1967, did it become the West Bank. So describe what you mean to be the present geographic boundaries of ‘Palestine’.

  2. They talk about the catastrophe of the markets.
    They talk about the catastrophe of Ebola.
    They talk about the catastrophe of everything but the real truth, Fukushima.
    This continues daily to destroy and shorten life all over the globe.
    It has killed the Pacific Ocean, the largest living source of oxygen for the planet.
    The fish are dead, the beaches littered with disgusting barnacles instead of lovely sea shells.
    Big sea animals from the deep are trapped in our bays in CA, their weight a third of their normal size because they are starving for food and oxygen….they are perishing before our eyes.
    This is the one catastrophe that is ongoing and will kill all.
    Forget the rest of the noise.

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