1 thought on “China’s Economy Goes From Bad To Worse, In Charts”

  1. China is undergoing a dramatic change in their situation. Many corporations who moved there for the benefits of slave labor in return for their trade secrets are now leaving due to dreadful environmental problems and cheaper workers in Vietnam and Taiwan……not to mention the convict labor they can get in the US at 70 cents a day. They also get huge tax deals for using convicts, they literally get paid for using them.
    So MFG is moving back to the US, but much of the work is done by convicts (slave labor of the 21st century).

    China is hurting right now, but it holds all the trade secrets of every company that ever had a factory there from GE to Apple, all vehicles, machines, weapons…..you name it, the government has all the information.

    However, China has attached itself to the Eurasian Union, BRICS, and so on, so they are shifting. While in flux, they are cleaning up their environment, and doing what they need to do in order to serve Russia, South Africa, India, Brazil, much of Central and South America, Cuba, Switzerland, Japan, and many other members of the new economy of the 21st century that does not include the dollar as a world reserve currency.

    Every time the Euro puts more fool sanctions on Russia, saying no more vehicles, Russia turns to China, and asks for the same luxury items. China provides them with the same luxury vehicles with bullet proof glass……..China has always thought in the long term, and they will come out of the slowdown they are currently experiencing.

    As for real estate, until they develop an economy that pays the workers enough money, they will stay empty.


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