And, So It Begins … The Doomsday Machine Has Been Unleashed In Tokyo

And, so it begins………….. (ZeroHedge, Nov 1, 2014):


Courtesy of the StealthFlation Blog

By eviscerating the U.S. Bond market, they have completely destroyed the time value of money.  Thus, there no longer exists a viable and productive term deposit on savings.   

Moreover, the very same savings deposits provide an indispensable structural foundation for capital formation, when leveraged through a fractional reserve banking system.

Those relatively riskless returns are gone forever, and what we are witnessing in Japan today is a desperate and perverse attempt to recreate the same secure income streams, which are fundamental to a life spent prudently saving one’s hard earned wealth, via the Nikkei Stock Averages.

Regrettably, equities can never replace the security of steady moderate income provided by a normalized Treasury Bond market.

Furthermore, in an environment of flat line growth, the now reflated equity market will not only be unable to generate those same reliable steady returns over time, but will also put those very savings themselves completely at risk.

They have built a Doomsday machine, and thanks to BlackRock’s Larry Fink we are seeing it being fired up in Tokyo.

Make no mistake, the abomination is fast approaching our capital as well………….beam me up Scotty.

How do you feel about wiping out all your people’s savings?


2 thoughts on “And, So It Begins … The Doomsday Machine Has Been Unleashed In Tokyo”

  1. The doomsday machine is in Fukushima, not Tokyo.
    As for money, it is secondary to what we receive from Fukushima, and it is wiping out everything.
    Food chain has been destroyed. The fish in the Pacific are dead and/or deeply radiated, far too much to be eatable……….our food chain has been destroyed. The air, soil, water and crops are all laden with radiation, and these fools talk about stock markets.
    Recently, in Pompeii, they discovered a cellar of a very rich man that survived the rocks and ash that loaded down the city. The man wore his ring with the seal, so they know who he was. There were 71 others in the cellar with him, all clinging to gold, jewels and money. None of them held each other, all of them were busy holding on to their assets. Imagine being buried alive in the dark, and nobody held each other. That is what greed does, it destroys all sense of humanity and kindness…… is all about getting all you can.
    Greed has destroyed this nation, and evidently, Japan, and the EU.


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