U.S. State Dept. To Transport Foreign Ebola Victims To U.S. Hospitals For Treatment

U.S. State Dept. to transport foreign Ebola victims to U.S. hospitals for treatment (Natural News, Oct 29, 2014):

First we were told that Ebola wouldn’t come to America. Then we were promised the best way to keep Ebola out of America was to eliminate quarantines and travel restrictions. Now, to the astonishment of nearly everyone, the U.S. government is planning to deliberately transport Ebola-infected foreigners to the United States for treatment in U.S. hospitals. Taxpayers will foot the bill, estimated at half a million dollars per patient.

This has all come out in a four-page memo acquired by the Washington Times. “The State Department has quietly made plans to bring Ebola-infected doctors and medical aides to the U.S. for treatment,” the Times reports. [1] ” The memo even details the expected price per patient, with transportation costs at $200,000 and treatment at $300,000.”

The U.S. State Dept. is the same government entity that recently posted an acquisition contract for 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits, which many now believe are being stockpiled in the United States to deal with the Ebola outbreak that’s widely anticipated by the government.

So far in the battle against Ebola, the U.S. federal government and White House seem to be working in favor of the deadly virus instead of against it. At every turn, the CDC has deliberately misinformed the public about the ease of Ebola transmission, lied about its incubation period, lied about the spread distance of aerosolized body fluids, prevented the implementation of travel restrictions and even actively dismantled quarantine policies in New Jersey and New York.

America now governed by the Ebola administration

It is difficult to imagine how the U.S. government could be more of an ally of Ebola than it is already. It has done everything imaginable to promote the spread of Ebola short of lining people up and injecting them with it.

Remember: This is an administration that went from saying Ebola won’t ever come to America to literally importing Ebola-infected patients into U.S. hospitals under a deliberate plan to bring them here!

Each day that I read the news on Ebola, I am increasingly astonished at the almost unimaginable reluctance of the Obama administration to support anything that might protect Americans from the pandemic. Every good idea that might offer hope for keeping America safe — such as the NJ and NY mandatory quarantines for high-risk travelers — has been immediately and deliberately shot down by the White House working in unison with the CDC.

The ludicrousness of government actions on all this has me wondering whether the CDC should change its name to the Centers for Disease Collaboration.

Above all, given that U.S. hospitals have already proven they cannot contain Ebola in patients, how does the State Dept. think that bringing more Ebola patients to the United States is supposed to protect Americans?

Ebola may not have yet spread across America, but mental insanity is already an epidemic in Washington D.C.

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5 thoughts on “U.S. State Dept. To Transport Foreign Ebola Victims To U.S. Hospitals For Treatment”

  1. Why should I the tax payer have to pay for these people to be treated? I have medical bills I’m still paying from my daughter’s birth 17 months ago! I could use that money to pay my medical bills or to get medical treatment that I need but don’t have the money for. But hey let’s take care of everyone else but the tax paying American. Good call wiz bangs! Thank you again for showing complete and utter disdain for the working class in this nation.

  2. WTF? How does this get stopped? If they get away with this, I throw in my lot with the depopulation people…….this would be genocide, and an excuse to put people in camps……especially those who disagree with this insane leadership.

  3. Maine nurse refuses to be locked in her house because she cared for Ebola patients. She isn’t sick, so went for a bike ride with her boyfriend. Two state cops cycled behind them…..but they cannot yet jail her……but you can be sure that is where they are going.
    This is horrifying. Mandatory lockups for people who encountered or cared for Ebola patients. Now, the US is flying them in to spread the germs all over. Now, we know what the FEMA camps were for and why they staffed them two years ago last December through the US army. The recruiting data was on their website, I saw it with my own eyes.
    This is the beginning. Wonder how long it will take to build train tracks to shuttle them between camps of death.

  4. To Peter: The problem is even worse than the cost of bringing them here, a 17-20 hour flight. It is like they are doing all they can to spread it here. They are already pushing the idea of involuntary confinement……..those FEMA camps have been staffed for two years come December…..they were staffed by ads on the US Army website I saw with my own eyes. They have something planned, or why staff the camps. They have playgrounds for children……it is institutional and terrifying.
    Obama has already passed laws to reeducate people……to government approved thinking…….I don’t know if you have read Orwell’s “1984”, but I strongly urge you to do so, if you have not. Had he called it “2004” instead of “1984”, he would be named a prophet.

    This is far more indicative of government control, and depopulation than anything else. A year ago, I did not believe the depopulation people, I thought they were nuts. But, the corporate media talking about an Ebola epidemic in the US that does not exist, the CDC has a patent on this type that mutates faster than any vaccine could be used to stop it…..all of these things tell me I am fortunate I will be deceased in a few more months…….the world I see unfolding is beyond terrible. Now, they are bringing diseased people into the country!

    If you have a baby, you might want to look at emigrating to the UK, or somewhere where the people still have some say. The UK has lots of problems, but it has a parliamentary system of government, one that allows all sides to have a say. If they get a bad apple, they can get rid of it. We can’t.

    Good luck.


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