China “Ghost Town Index” – Here Are China’s 10 “Ghastliest” Cities

China “Ghost Town Index” – Here Are China’s 10 “Ghastliest” Cities (ZeroHedge, Oct 28, 2014):

Who can forget China’s ghost city of Ordos: back in late 2009, when the hollow shell behind China’s torrid growth was first revealed to the world, the city near China’s Mongolia border was cooler talk for weeks. Fast forward five years later, and Ordos is all but forgotten, having been eclipsed by a veritable army of much bigger “ghosts” that make up the “ghost town network” – a list of cities created by the China Investment Network, a business newspaper in Beijing, to determine which cities were the most ghostly. Below we present the 10 biggest ones.

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  1. China bases its GDP on what it builds, not what it earns, thus all the ghost towns. Their leader’s reasoning is almost as bad as we have over here…….what good are all these cities when few people can afford them? The one of Paris is beautiful! I’m sure that one will do okay if enough people in China can afford living there.

    Here in the US, one need only look around at places like Detroit, Vallejo, and other bankrupt towns to see what happens when they are not occupied…….they fall into ruin. Regardless of vandals, or lack of same, without daily maintenance, no town or city can fix itself when pipes break, lines go down, and other things people don’t think about. Then, there are the homeless who squat out of desperation…….it becomes a vicious cycle.

    Where I lived for so many years, houses were abandoned by their owners, and the tax revenue went down to the point when they stopped paving the roads. Being in a coastal rainforest, we didn’t get top priority on the road work in any case…..but this was the end of property values. At that point, I realized as much as I loved it, I had to make a decision, I had to choose to move to the much despised city. Homeless people were hiding in our creek beds, stupid crimes were happening, drug addicts started moving in……..probably squatters……..the mood changed.

    I understand China has a tight control over its people, a totalitarian nation. When a riot over unemployment breaks out, they shut down the TV and Internet. I cannot believe the copy of Paris will end up in Ruins……..

    But, unemployment is very harsh in China. All the jobs that went there from the US have moved to Vietnam and Taiwan…..where greedy corporations can find cheaper labor. Convict labor in the US is even cheaper… cannot beat 70 cents a day wages along with fat tax credits for hiring convicts. The infrastructure is here, all those empty MFG plants, they can rent convicts by the day,…….they can hire convicts while US engineers and MFG workers remain unemployed.

    This globalization has gotten very beneficial to greedy gut corporations, and anything but for everyone else. Everything that anyone uses from clothes to food, furniture, housing……all publicly traded. Even medical clinics, drugs……..all rely on the markets.

    China now has a mass exodus happening due to the dreadful air quality. Nobody will go there, regardless of pay when you have to buy oxygen bags to walk outside. Taiwan, Vietnam offer cheaper wages and cleaner air. I hope they have the sense to demand the corporations clean up their exhaust systems and air pollution systems before starting, or they will soon find themselves abandoned like China. Having been abandoned before, they hopefully will know better.

    Time will tell what happens to these cities. China will be providing to other members of BRICS, so they have a good future. More of the world now belongs to their economic program, the US is losing, and the only ones who don’t know it are the US leaders, and the UK. The rest of the world finds it pretty obvious.

    The US made the worst political and financial blunder of this century (so far). Germany requested the return of half their gold that the US has been holding since the end of WW2…..HALF, not all. The US stalled, lied, prevaricated……they were full of excuses….of everything but the gold. Finally, after two years of this nonsense, Germany told the US to forget it. How demeaning and insulting is that? Anyone with any pride would do all they could to pay. As for a nation, not paying is beyond stupid…..the US has proved to the world something they had just suspected………the US is flat broke.

    Obama went wildly around the world trying to find nations to join with him in a war with…….you fill in the blanks…….it was insane. But, nobody wants to join forces with a bankrupt nation, nothing in their treasury but a ton of bad choices and awful reasoning. Fools are the worst, nobody wants to join with them, especially when they have the weapons like the US.

    Meanwhile, the big spenders who put Obama back into the white house wanted return for their bucks…….so, ISIS was born, and Obama went to war with it. The US is now a nation at war with itself, literally in order to feed the greedy guts with worthless dollars that only 33% of the world uses any longer….down from 100% less than four years ago. It is total madness, and the result will be total collapse of the dollar, there is no other option available in the world.

    How somebody can do this to a nation that has elected him to lead it is beyond me. I don’t understand how anyone could live with oneself for such treachery, let alone what he has done to all of us who live here. His corruption has hurt millions, and now, he is back bombing Iraq. Over 4 million Iraq people are dead, wounded and/or homeless thanks to the 2003 invasion of a nation that had done nothing to warrant it. I am heartsick, for as one who has spent a life studying history, I know the unavoidable results.

    When the dollar collapses, as it will in the next few months, the payback will start.
    The entire world despises us, we have no allies, none. The UK, God Bless Them, have stuck with us for nearly 200 years, they did invade 200 years ago, but not since. When I think of the UK standing firm against Hitler, how can I not respect them? Had they not, the entire world would be speaking German now.

    Israel has become as evil as the man who persecuted them along with Gypsies, Polish and many others…….and they won’t support the US once the dollar collapses. Once the truth of the real US financial standing becomes apparent, any allies we may have had will be gone.

    Then, we will find out what it is like to be a small country with currency of little if any value. All wealth will be in the hands of greedy guts, and most of it will be in other currencies. They will be living elsewhere, it will be too dangerous for them to be here………there might be trials that go nowhere…….but, money is an interesting thing. Once it is spent, it is gone.

    If we had any brains in leadership, we would know better, but we don’t.

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