Pentagon confirms ‘1st US soldier’ dead in Iraq anti-ISIS campaign


“I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am President, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank. “
– Barack Obama Campaign Promise – October 27, 2007

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–  Pentagon confirms ‘1st US soldier’ dead in Iraq anti-ISIS campaign (RT, Oct 25, 2014):

A 19-year-old mortarman has become the first US soldier to die in the fight against ISIS in Iraq, albeit from a “non-combat injury,” the Pentagon acknowledged.

The death of Marine Lance Corporal Sean P. Neal of Riverside, California, which occurred on Thursday in Baghdad, is under investigation, according to the Pentagon. He was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, and was one of 1,600 US troops serving in Iraq. Pentagon officials confirmed his death Friday night.

Neal is the “first casualty announced by the Department since Operation Inherent Resolve was announced,” said Maureen Schumann, a spokeswoman for the US Defense Department, according to the Guardian.

Having enlisted in the army in July 2013, Neal was part of the special Marine air-ground task force, the 1 Marine Expeditionary Force public affairs office reported. He got to Baghdad around September this year.

However, Neal could actually be the second fatality as earlier this month a marine went missing at sea. The US military lost Corporal Jordan L. Spears of Memphis, Indiana, on October 1. The 21-year-old aircrew member is now presumed dead.

“Cpl. Spears was a cherished member of our MEU family, and he fulfilled a key role in our aviation combat element,” Col. Matthew Trollinger, commander of the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, wrote on the unit’s official Facebook page.

In June, President Obama ordered US troops back into Iraq, grounding this move on the expansion of the Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS/ISIL). Officially troops, based in the capital, Baghdad, and the northern city of Erbil, play a “non-combat” role – they are supposed to advise and train Iraqi and Kurdish forces in their counterattacks.

Airstrikes within the framework of the Operation Inherent Resolve started on August 8 in Iraq, later extended to Syria in September. The US-led coalition fights against the Islamic State militants, their positions and vehicles. Its bombings also target the Turkish-Syrian border, where the besieged Kurdish town of Kobani is located.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said on Friday, “The coalition continues to gain both momentum and strength.” He added, “And we know we’re having a direct effect on ISIL inside Iraq and inside Syria.”

Although calling the strategy “sound,” the spokesman underlined that the Islamic State is still pushing for ground and for adherents.

A total of 4,487 US military were killed in the Iraq War that lasted from 2003 to 2011.

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2 thoughts on “Pentagon confirms ‘1st US soldier’ dead in Iraq anti-ISIS campaign

  1. First death of US soldier in Iraq? I don’t think so……so they add in ISIS, a US created enemy to rationalize another totally insane greedy gut feeding war in the middle east.

    Over 4 million Iraq people have been killed, maimed or rendered homeless by this totally illegal war by the US since 2003-present. The US had no reason to invade Iraq, they had nothing to do with 911, and they knew it. Saddam Hussein offered to leave Iraq before Bush took the troops in, and Bush said “too late, we’re coming in anyway.”

    I thought I despised Bush, but the back handed way this clown acts to continue all his practices is just as despicable. We are being destroyed by the Vandals Within, as Abe Lincoln called them, and this time, they will succeed. We have nothing left, nothing of value or truth, we have criminals running this nation, and a populace too stupid to know or care. As my friend, Stanley said, an Apathetic people………

    We used to be respected, our markets were clean and safe for foreign investment. When the savings and loan scandal broke when Reagan was president, over 1100 people went to jail. But, it was that dreadful Clinton who signed away all the regulations that kept our markets so clean. Within less than five years, we had the dot com debacle. That was covered up with a real estate bubble which broke in 2007. We have not recovered since, and this time, the US took the world into a global depression. As a result, nobody will invest here, and our markets are kept afloat by tricks, smoke and mirrors. I am too disgusted to describe them all.

    Being the world reserve currency kept us going, but only 33% of the world still uses the dollar, and the number continues to shrink. We are facing so many disasters we have never known before, and situations we know nothing about.

    When Obama wildly went around the world vainly seeking someone to fight, he had the CIA create a new enemy, ISIS. The old OBL names had been worn out, nobody even looked when those names were mentioned. ISIS is also easier to spell for the Apathetic populace.

    I would be interested to know how many Americans are on prescription drugs, so called anti-depressants, and other brain numbing chemicals. I remember what my Jack used to say; “beware the chemists and the medicine men.” I do.
    I refuse to spend the last hours of my life scheduled around doctor visits.

    When the dollar collapses, the apathetic will all have a new subject to discuss, regardless if they like it or not. That is going to happen very soon, I fear we are down to weeks and months, not years.

    67% of the world economy have found alternatives to the dollar. Most have joined BRICS basket of currencies. They have an electronic currency that allows all nations to use their own currency in trade with other countries, the electronic currency translates the value of each currency at the time of trade, making the need for any world reserve currency obsolete. But, it is also very brutal.

    Japan is an excellent example. They have been living with a deflationary economy for over two decades. Since joining BRICS, their Yen has been forced to deal directly with other nations without the protection of the world reserve currency, the dollar. As a result, they now suffer hyper inflation, and if one goes for a hamburger, the cost is 70% more than it was two or three years ago. If anyone doesn’t realize how brutal that change is……..I don’t know what to say. There are a lot of hidden benefits of a world reserve currency, and without one, the world will be facing the prospect of doing business with currency at its real value, not what some negotiations or deals decide.

    I have the sense that the basket of currencies is a good idea, but, the devil is in the details. We could well be on the precipice of a world depression such as we have never seen.

    The US had no business in Iraq in 2003, and less reason to be there now.
    The collapse of the dollar will force the US to leave Iraq, and many other countries unless it chooses to war with all of them……if it does that, the end will be very similar to the end of Ancient Rome on steroids.

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