Kazakhstan: Harvesting under 20 cm of snow and minus 10 degrees C

–  Kazakhstan – Harvesting under 20 cm of snow and minus 10 degrees C (Ice Age Now, Oct 23, 2014):

What grains they collect now can only be used to feed the cattle.

“Of course the MSM in the Netherlands do not bring this news,” says reader. “Snow in Austria and in Sweden? We don’t hear it on the television news, we don’t read it in the big newspapers. Snow in Russia? It is not mentioned. The private plane of the CEO of the French oil company Total crashed on Vnukovo Airport after a collision with a snow blower. Nobody says: Hey, how come we are not being told that there was snow? Why else would a snowblower be on the runway?”

Despite the nearly 20-cm (8-inch) layer of snow on the grain fields of Northern Kazakhstan the harvesters keep working. The snow and cold cannot stop the combine because about 20% of the crop still remains in the fields, reported television channel CTC.

For farmers this year turned out to be difficult. Spring experienced drought, summer torrential rains, and now early autumn snow. But the work does not stop in bad weather and frost.

It’s no joke. According to official data, about 20% of the crops still remain in the fields, including wheat, oats, barley and canola. Growers complain that what they will gather out of the snow, will most likely be fit only for animal feed.

In such a heavy harvest time, petrol freezes when it is 10-degree cold.

“Petrol like jelly, warmed tanks antigel poured into the tanks. Course, my heart aches, heart aches for this bread. Much bread left, and like a good harvest, we remove it we can not. But we will try to clean up, late will” – says the foreman Valery Tonitsa combine.

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