Is Obama’s Ebola Czar Ron Klain An Advocate Of Human Depopulation?

Is Obama’s Ebola czar an advocate of human depopulation? (Natural News, Oct 24, 2014):

Ron Klain, before he became President Obama’s latest czar (Klain is the “Ebola czar”), was chief of staff to a pair of Democrat vice presidents, Al Gore and the current VP, Joe Biden. His appointment by Obama has been praised high and low by liberal politicians. U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has called his appointment an “excellent choice.”

But as was noted by critics of the choice when he was named, Klain has no medical experience whatsoever: He’s been a Democrat Party hack his entire career, and this latest appointment is seen by some as just another rung on the ladder of Democrat Party power.

To counter that criticism, the Obama Administration said they turned to someone with loads of managerial experience, to make sure that the efforts to contain the deadly virus in the U.S. would be coordinated and efficient. And that sounds good — except for new evidence that has surfaced which appears to indicate that Klain has very unorthodox views (though not for environmental activist academics and political figures) on global population.

In a recent interview, Klain was asked what he thought might be the top issue facing the world; “it turns out that the new Ebola czar, whose responsibility is to quash the spread of Ebola and save lives, is seemingly an advocate of population and resource control,” reports. Here are Klain’s own words:

I think the top issue facing the world today is how to deal with the continuing growing population in the world and all of the resource demands it places on the world.

And burgeoning populations in Africa and Asia that lack the resources to have a healthy, happy life. I think we’ve got to find a way to make the world work for everyone.

‘Has Klain been appointed for a specific purpose?’

You can see his interview here.

At present, notes, it isn’t possible to project whether the current cases of Ebola in the U.S. will spread; if it does not, which will be a good thing, Klain’s current czarist role will thankfully be short-lived as well. But having someone who may believe that the world’s population is too large for the earth’s good in charge of stopping a deadly disease is “a conflict of interest” of the worst kind, the website declared.

“Are we looking too far into this? Or is it possible [that] Mr. Klain has been appointed to serve a specific purpose for an agenda that goes well beyond prevention of an Ebola contagion?” the site asked.

Now, Klain, as you can see in the video, did not state explicitly that he was in favor of massive population control, or downsizing of the global population by some means. And he did not list any particular solution for the problem of world population growth. But the fact that he is overseeing efforts in the U.S. to prevent the spread of a disease that, in other parts of the world, kills 70-90 percent of those infected, is a bit of bitter irony, to say the least.

‘Global population control’ embraced by the ‘tolerant’ Left

Klain may just be the latest Left-wing extremist environmentalist who advocates for massive reductions in the global population because of the demands that they put on the Earth’s resources. In 2006, University of Texas scientist Dr. Erik Pianka advocated the development and use of weaponized strain of airborne Ebola to kill 90 percent of the world’s population, as a way to save the Earth. [That story can be found here:]

In that speech, Pianka slammed the notion that humans occupy a special place on the planet, and added: “We’re no better than bacteria.”

Regarding Klain’s possible love of planet over people, it wouldn’t be the first time that the Obama Administration was linked to the concept of global population control. In 2009, reports surfaced that administration science czar John Holdren co-wrote a book published in 1977 in which he supported the idea of a world government that would employ a global law enforcement agency to see that very authoritarian measures aimed at controlling the world population were carried out. That would include forced abortions, widespread sterilization via food and water and mandatory implants that would obstruct couples from having children.

Presumably, as is usually the case with elitists like these, such rules would only apply to the unwashed masses — not academics and society managers like them.

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1 thought on “Is Obama’s Ebola Czar Ron Klain An Advocate Of Human Depopulation?”

  1. Limiting childbirth numbers……look how well that worked in China. What a sham.
    I think overpopulation is our biggest problem, I always thought nature and biology would take care of it due to the fact we are very small in the scheme of things. I know there are people who believe we are the most important species on the planet, and that we are masters of it.

    Living in a coastal rain forest for twelve years, I learned how alive this planet is, and how tiny we are in the real scheme of things. Ravens surely see themselves as important as we do, but you have to stop and watch for a while. We are the only species foolish enough to invent things beyond our ability to control them. Look where the splitting of the atom has taken us.

    In the days of yore, such terrible powers were never given to the uninitiated, they would be put away and likely the knowledge would be destroyed. Letting fools know about such things only leads to disaster. 85 years since the splitting of the atom, and look at the disaster we face.

    Why they want to use Ebola as well is overkill. It will also kill animal and bird life……just as radioactive poisons will. We are so small in comparison to the planet, it can simply wash us away as we would ants off a sink……and with the growing volcanic activities, it may well be getting ready to do just that. As I said earlier, the planet is very alive and intelligent.

    The same man who gave us the keys to disaster, Albert Einstein, also said about life that there had to be a higher intelligence ruling everything, the universe was too orderly to have happened by accident. Einstein ought never to have made his technology available to the average man……he ought to have known better…….greed would quickly overcome any sense of humanity or care…….now, we face our own extinction.


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