Russia: Heavy Snowfall Causes Panic In Yekaterinenburg

Heavy snowfall causes panic in Yekaterinenburg (Ice Age Now, Oct 19, 2014):

Snowfall paralyzed  the North bus station in Yekaterinburg, the fourth-largest city in Russia. All buses leave two to three hours late. Hundreds of passengers at risk to come home very late or not at all.

Passengers complain, but  a large number of accidents involving public transport occurred last night in the Sverdlovsk region.

This may be due to the fact that long-distance buses travel through the most heavily snowed road in Yekaterinburg, say traffic police.

Traffic police are advising people to do no unnecessary driving. If they do, they are advised to be extremely careful and cautious. On regional routes the situation remains very tense.

Meanwhile, many flights from Ekaterinburg (aka Yekaterinenburg) canceled. Other passengers wait hours for their flights.

Forecasters say that snowfall in the city will continue for more than a day.

Perm covered by heavy snowfall – Cars hidden under large drifts

As of this morning public transportation was completely paralyzed.

On the night of October 18 in the capital of the Kama region dropped 21 millimeters of snow, a third of normal snowfall for the entire month of October. The city and suburbs now have a snow cover of more than 15 centimeters. Thus, the transition from autumn to winter come to pass within a few hours.

By morning, many Permian residents were surprised to find their cars hidden under large drifts.

Snow and frost expected in the coming days in Kazakhstan

Temperatures down to minus 10 degrees.

Storm warnings declared in six regions of Kazakhstan (which borders Russia), as reported in “KazHydroMet” RSE.

“October 19-21 in Aktobe, Kostanay regions, 20-21 October in Akmola, Pavlodar oblasts, October 21-22, in Karaganda, East Kazakhstan oblasts expected precipitation, mostly snow, strong south-westerly wind of 15-20 m / s. Lowering the temperature to sometimes 10 below zero. ajshie-dni

Heavy wet snow covered the Irkutsk October 18

Temperature drops to -1 ° C.

On Sunday, October 19, Irkutsk temperature will drop to -3C during the day,  to -7C in the evening, according to RIA IrkutskMedia.  (Irkutsk is the largest city in Siberia.)

Recall the first snow in Irkutsk traditionally falls on the feast of the Holy Virgin on October 14. According to national signs, this means that the winter will be snowy and frosty.

Snow causes nearly 300 accidents in Omsk region 

Wet snow and slippery roads led to 290 registered road accidents with material damage, twice the number seen on ordinary days, the traffic police say.

Tonight will be working 530 snow-removal units to bring the roadway in good condition in the Omsk region (in southwestern Siberia, 2,236 km from Moscow).

Traffic police wish to remind that the weekend is expected cold snap and snow. This can lead to severe icing.

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