Latest Spin From Australia: Record Ice In Antarctica Caused By Global Warming

Latest spin from Australia – Record ice in Antarctica caused by global warming (Ice Age Now, Oct 22, 2014):

Headlined ” Ice could cause grief for Antarctic vessels,” this story tries to blame global warming for the record sea-ice around Antarctica.  

“As the icebreaker Aurora Australis sets off from Hobart on its maiden mission for the summer season, the bright orange vessel has been stocked with extra supplies in case of hold-ups.

“For the first time since satellite records began in 1979 Antarctic sea ice has passed the 20 million square kilometre mark, voyage manager Robb Clifton says.

“‘This is the greatest extent of sea ice that we’ve had to deal with,’ Mr Clifton told reporters in Hobart ahead of Wednesday evening’s departure.

So far, so good. This looks like honest, straightforward reporting.

But then Sky News adds the following little zinger.

“Over the past three years there has been a steady increase in sea ice, which scientists have linked to global warming and a reduction in the mass of the Antarctic ice shelf.” (italics added)

The article goes on to admit that the Aurora Australis was trapped in the ice for a short time in November 2013.

It also reminds us that in January of this year, “the icebreaker was part of a rescue mission for a Russian vessel – Akademik Shokalskiy – which was stuck in ice for a fortnight during a trip to Antarctica.”

I can see the headlines now: “Ice-ages caused by global warming.”

Or how about this one? One-mile-thick layer of ice covering much of Canada caused by global warming.”
Thanks to Kenneth Morgan for this link

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