Uh oh … Signs of an unusually cold winter coming our way

Uh oh… Signs of an unusually cold winter coming our way (Ice Age Now, Oct 18, 2014):

“The snow in Siberia is piling up, and if it keeps coming, people in New York may have to bundle up this winter,” says Bloomberg.

There’s a theory that the amount of snow covering Eurasia in October is an indication of how much icy air will sweep down from the Arctic in December and January, pouring over parts of North America, Europe and East Asia.

Last year, the snow level across Eurasia was the fourth highest for the month in records going back to 1967. In January, frigid temperatures dubbed “the polar vortex” slid out of the Arctic to freeze large portions of the U.S.

With the snow now piling up across Eurasia, will this winter be a grim reminder of last year’s?

“It’s still early in the game,” said Judah Cohen, director of seasonal forecasting at Atmospheric and Environmental Research in Lexington, Massachusetts, a division of Verisk Climate.

While “the snow has gotten off to an incredible start,” Cohen said he needs to see how much covers the area through the entire month before he can make an accurate forecast.

As of Oct. 13, Cohen calculated, 12.2 million square kilometers of Eurasia were covered by snow, compared with 10.8 million square kilometers on the same day last year.

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