There Is No Global Warming

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“The problem with that argument is that we experienced the bulk of that warming between 1979 and 1998 . . . since then, we’ve actually had temperatures DROPPING!

As can be seen in this chart, we haven’t seen any global warming for 17 years.”

– There Is No Global Warming ( Moneynews, Oct 18, 2014):

You’ve heard how the Earth is rapidly heating up . . . causing drought, famine, and mayhem.

For sure, Al Gore and the media encourage you to jump on the global warming bandwagon every time there is a heat wave or when a photo of a lone polar bear floating on an iceberg emerges.

But how much has the world really warmed?

It’s an important question, considering the U.S. government spends $22 billion a year to fight the global warming crisis (twice as much as it spends protecting our border).

To put that in perspective, that is $41,856 every minute going to global warming initiatives. But, according to Forbes columnist Larry Bell, the ripple effect of global warming initiatives actually costs Americans $1.75 trillion . . . every year.

So, has anyone stopped to ask . . . how much has the globe actually warmed?

Well, we asked, and what we found was striking.

According to NASA’s own data via Remote Sensing Systems (RSS), the world has warmed a mere .36 degrees Fahrenheit over the last 35 years (they started measuring the data in 1979).

Hardly anything to panic about; however, that does mean the world is warmer, right?


The problem with that argument is that we experienced the bulk of that warming between 1979 and 1998 . . . since then, we’ve actually had temperatures DROPPING!

As can be seen in this chart, we haven’t seen any global warming for 17 years.

Weakening the global warming argument is data showing that the North Polar ice cap is increasing in size. Recent satellite images from NASA actually reflect an increase of 43% to 63%.

This is quite the opposite of what the global warming faction warned us.

In 2007, while accepting his Nobel Prize for his global warming initiative, Al Gore made this striking prediction, “The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff. It could be completely gone in summer in as little as seven years. Seven years from now.”

Al Gore could not have been more wrong.

However, despite this clear evidence that the temperatures are not increasing, the global warming hysteria only seems to be increasing.

For example: President Obama himself tweeted on May 16, 2014: “97% of scientists agree: climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.” John Kerry, Al Gore, and a host of others have championed this statistic.

Since then, it has become clear that this statistic was inaccurate.

The Wall Street Journal went as far as to say, “The assertion that 97% of scientists believe that climate change is a man-made, urgent problem is a fiction.” Forbes headlined “Global Warming Alarmists Caught Doctoring ’97% Consensus’ Claims.”

Come to find out, the study President Obama was citing was botched from the start.

A host of other problems for the global warming crowd are emerging, such as . . .

  • Leaked emails from global warming scientists state that the Earth is not warming, such as this one from Kevin Trenberth that states, “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty we can’t.”
  • Claude Allegre, the founding father of the man-made global warming ethos, recently renounced his position that man has caused warming.
  • Proof is emerging that Al Gore and even President Obama have financially benefited from fueling the global warming hysteria (click here for an internal report on this).

It is becoming harder and harder for the global warming community to ignore some of the scientific data that show the Earth is not getting warmer . . . instead, the world is getting cooler.

Which makes one wonder — why are we still spending $22 billion a year on global warming initiatives, and where is the money going? (Click Here to Read a Controversial Report on This Topic.)

4 thoughts on “There Is No Global Warming”

  1. Oh yeah? Show that idiot the film you featured today.
    I live in CA and it has become a hell hole of endless heat and no rain.
    These last few years are the hottest on record, where does this clown get off?

    • @Marilyn Gjerdrum,

      That ‘idiot’ data is from NASA & NOAA.

      Wilhelm Reich explained how a nuclear disaster/event in this case Fukushima could/will affect other places like California causing severe drought.

      But Fukushima is not the only reason for the drought. California is deliberately targeted by TPTB via chemtrails and HAARP.

      IF we could stop HAARP and those death dumps, we could create the most wonderful rain within two days.

      And we could create as much as we want.

      I will post a video on Wilhelm Reich tomorrow that has English subtitles and explains some of what I’ve just said.

      As a side note:

      TPTB also killed Wilhelm Reich and when you watch the video that I am going to post tomorrow you’ll see why.

  2. Friend at IU,
    I will watch with interest. CA is completely surrounded by nuclear “accidents”, and I am sure they are the cause of our dreadful droughts. We have a nuclear waste accident in WA state (but they get rain, we don’t), another in NM (they never get rain) and Fukushima. If you look at our drought records, they started after Fukushima. I am no scientist, but confronting a dead ocean, the biggest ocean in the world……we are facing extinction. It isn’t 20 years from now, it is happening very quickly.

    Our food chain has been irrevocably destroyed. Fish are all dead. Did you see the news clip showing sharks fighting each other for food on one of our beaches? The stupid news commentator was talking about how amusing and interesting it was…….the sharks were half their normal size. They are starving to death……
    Our soil has been destroyed, our crops poisoned, the meat no longer safe to eat.

    CA, and the entire west coast, is facing extinction… will be very soon. I can already feel the effects…..if I can, so can millions of others. We are being exterminated……there is no doubt in my mind.

    We had about 45 minutes of rain this morning. Then, it stopped and dried out.
    It is literally living in hell. Don’t be surprised when more people choose their own deaths and not wait for radiation to do the job.


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