Plants Absorbing More CO2 Than We Thought

Plants Absorbing More CO2 Than We Thought (Ice Age Now, Oct 17, 2014):

Climate models “have grossly underestimated the power of our plants,”says this article on Nature World News.

The models “failed to take into account that when carbon dioxide (CO2) builds up in the atmosphere, plants actually thrive, become larger, and are able to soak up more CO2.”

According to a new study, carbon acts like a fertilizer that accelerates plants growth.

As part of photosynthesis – a natural cycle that helps  plants convert sunlight into energy – plants capture CO2 to help them grow and then release oxygen as a waste product.

Between 1901 and 2100, plants absorbed 1,057 billion tons of carbon, rather than the previously estimated 915 billion tons – a 16 percent increase.

“Global warming may be slightly less devastating to the Earth than feared,” the article admits.

Thanks to Laresa Hubbs for this link

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