Nepal Death Toll Now 43 And Rising

Nepal death toll now 43 and rising (Ice Age Now, Oct 18, 2014):

“Cold so severe it froze your eyelids.”

Rescuers have found 11 more bodies following the snowstorm in Nepal, taking the death toll to at least 43.

“Unseasonal” weather

Hundreds of people became trapped in the Himalayas after the country was hit by a sudden  blizzard. More than 40, including several British trekkers, are still unaccounted for after the unseasonal weather hit a popular 200-mile (320km) trekking route around Annapurna, the world’s 10th-tallest peak, on Tuesday.

Anywhere from 40 to 100 still missing

There is still confusion over the exact death toll in the disaster. While the army estimates more than 40 are missing, the home ministry put it higher, at more than 35 tourists and 30 Nepalese men. Foreign victims included hikers from Canada, India, Israel and Poland.

The official death toll stands at 43 but one official said it was expected to rise.

October is peak trekking season in Nepal and usually sees perfect conditions for the sport.

Protecting their heads with plastic bags

Paul Sheridan, a 49-year-old policeman from South Yorkshire who survived the storm, told the Guardian many trekkers and local staff were not adequately equipped.

“There were biting winds and cold so severe it froze your eyelids. But there were people trying to protect their heads with plastic bags and without gloves … It was an accident waiting to happen.”

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