1 thought on “George Galloway On ISIS (Video )”

  1. Obama wanted a war with someone. Nobody would war against or with him because nobody trusts him. So, he tells the CIA to create an enemy so fearsome the world will want to fight with him. So, they develop ISIS.

    As soon as I saw ISIS, I knew it was CIA based. Al Kaida is too hard to remember (or spell…..), and their name has been beaten into the earth……so now, the greedy gut servant has created ISIS to enrich a few people at the cost of everyone else.

    The US now has a debt level of 100% to GDP. That mean every cent that comes in, goes out to someone else. The US should be focused on earning money, not wasting it. But, we have fools in power, and they have destroyed us.

    The debt problem won’t go away. The US dollar is now used in 33% of world international transactions, down from 100% less than four years ago. Nobody wants or trusts the dollar. The EU still uses it, but at some point, Putin’s open basket of currencies will appeal to some of their nations who want out of debt, and they will dump the dollar. Once that starts, the dollar will collapse.


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