Dr. Andrew Saul, Ph.D. – 6 Proven Ways To Improve Your Health (Video)

I only recommend natural vitamins, containing no artificial (brain destroying) sweeteners.

I take organic Acerola to get some more highly effective Vitamin C.

As a raw vegan (+ honey – salt) I get lots of Vitamin C from parsley, bell peppers, kiwis, papayas, oranges, grapefruits, wheat grass & barley gras juice etc.


Nov 1, 2013


An hour long webinar with Andrew Saul on Six Proven Ways to Improve Your Health. Also features a long Question and Answer section on Vitamin C, Niacin and much more.

And for the brave only:

As I’ve described in my comment here there is a way to get a free dosage of almost 

Vitamin B12: 0,03 mg/day!!!
Vitamin B6: 100 mg/day!!!
Folic acid: 4mg/day!!!

… in the best bio-available form!

Also part of your Vitamin C intake will be recycled with this method.

‘Serum ultra filtrate’ as scientists call it contains also active antibodies against every antigen (virus, bacteria) you come in contact with.

All of this is scientifically proven, as we are talking here about the most extensively scientifically researched natural substance in medicine!

The thing is that nobody found it ever important to tell you about it.

And those of us who tried to awaken the general public on these facts have received death threats and have been silenced one way or another.


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