Ebola Hoax: Crush Ebola Now – Celebrities Brainwash The Sheeple! (Video)

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1 thought on “Ebola Hoax: Crush Ebola Now – Celebrities Brainwash The Sheeple! (Video)”

  1. Boy, are you spot on. The market has gone down over a thousand points in the last five sessions. At a billion dollars a point, that equals over a trillion dollars lost in the last few days. That is significant news, even for a rigged stock market.

    I heard we might get some much needed rain………so with a friend, I turned on the used to be local news channels. A couple talked about the upcoming football game I could care less about, all other channels talked Ebola, Ebola the crisis……the Crisis is the stock market, not one new case of Ebola in TX!

    There is a big event happening in the market, it is more than 1000+ points lost……it is the free $80 billion a month the FED has been spoon feeding the greedy guts since the crash in 2007…..They were going to keep it going until sometime in 2016. Then, after the emergence of BRICS, they changed it again to mid 2015. Now, it is this week.

    No more free cash to cover bad bets made by greedy guts. That is big news, and why the market is going down so rapidly. They managed to keep it 40 points down for most of the day, then, suddenly, it dropped 213 points before closing bell.

    Today, the banks were closed, so the FED did nothing. It will be interesting to see what emerges this week. No more free cash for greedy guts. Personally, I am delighted, they are 7 years too late in my opinion. However, they have depended on their free fix for the last seven years, and now, it is gone.

    You might say $80 billion a month isn’t much against a trillion dollar loss, but the entire market is made up of two basic things. Forget the hedge betting, the ETFs and all that. Over 85% of all transactions have been skim and sell High Frequency trades. The key here is sell, they never invest, just skim more money out of the market. The other 10%+ is made up of investors, and I don’t know one who is doing a thing, they are holding, not buying or selling.

    The reality is that the US stock market has been drained systematically of all funds over the past seven years. The money from the FED has helped to keep it rigged, but the truth is always the bottom line…….how much money is really there?

    So, they sure don’t want to talk about this mess, so lets scare people with one new case of Ebola in TX…….We have more people dying of TB in this country, and with Winter coming, even more dying of exposure. Instead of focusing on these real problems, they play Ebola, Ebola……..could almost make up a song.
    Remember the one from the Black Death?
    “Ring around the rosey,
    Pockets full of poseys
    Ashes, Ashes
    We all fall down…”
    Perhaps they can resurrect it using Ebola. The propaganda is so blatant, that it is downright insulting. We are now in a Ebola crisis with one new case in the US, the person who took care of the guy who died of it.

    This week, Master card decided to pay the fees to stay in Russia.
    That was a sane, self-serving banker move. All money is going east, it is departing the US, the EU and Japan……….If you look at the economies of nations in Putin’s BRICS basket of currencies, they are growing, making money. Putin has managed to isolate the US and the EU financially from the rest of the world………in less than four years. Not one shot was fired, it was all done quietly without fanfare. The game is up, the real word of the day is Checkmate.
    The FED has been carrying the interest payments on the US national debt since 2007……..how long before they cut their losses? That day is coming, coming soon. Checkmate.
    The US has fallen from a world economic power to nothing. It can do nothing with an empty pocketbook……nobody can.


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