Ebola Hoax: 2nd ‘Confirmed’ Case = BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA! (Video)

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4 thoughts on “Ebola Hoax: 2nd ‘Confirmed’ Case = BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA! (Video)”

  1. I am afraid I do not agree the bio warfare Ebola strain isn’t dangerous. When SARS hit, I had seven or eight hiring managers who were spending at least a week a month in China. They told me they saw thousands dead, entire villages wiped out, complete MFG lines dead overnight……..China said they lost 800 people. They lie like rugs about everything.

    A lab based virus like Ebola can be transmitted from human to animal and back again, almost unheard of in nature, save a rabies bite…..but that takes actual action by the animal. Ebola was developed in a lab, and it mutates very rapidly, far too quickly for any vaccine. The Frankenstein freaks who develop such horrors deserve a special hell just for them…….finding these labs is impossible, they are protected by an array of laws nobody can comb through……..even well meaning government officials. It is Top Secret.

    The first Ebola cases were in WA state, the next in CA, the next in TX. Now, they are admitting to more than one in TX. My point is that we have a difficult time in evaluating things we cannot see……think of Fukushima. There are surely other cases, we are not hearing about them.

    This is bio warfare, and it may well have come from our own people. To deprecate or laugh at it is chosen ignorance, like right wing philosophy. I don’t think it is wise to deprecate its danger because the government lies so much.

  2. To friend at IU: Of course there is no pandemic here…….except on the stock market, and that (in my opinion) is why they fill the airwaves with Ebola. The only reason stocks are only a few billion dollars down (each point represents a billion dollars) is because the banks are closed for Columbus Day. This week, the FED stops the game.

    The FED is turning off the tap this week, and there are a lot of crooked greedy guts who will have trouble meeting their bets without that free money coming in to cover their losses. The market has gone from a good representation of the US economy to an excessive gambling casino, filled with sociopaths and thieves. All have been playing heavily on margin to pay for that plane or whatever……..lot of wannabe greedy guts in the stock market and real estate game.
    Interest rates have tripled so far this year, and even the fools on Bloomberg admit rising interest rates are upon us.
    This is what the obfuscation ploy of Ebola seeks to cover…..but, I must say the fact Obama won’t do a damn thing to slow or stop the sick from coming into the US is like he WANTS a pandemic….to hide what is happening to the western world economy. Not Putin’s part, just the EU, Japan and the US.
    This endless insanity puts me in mind of what FDR’s FED chair said in 1952 when asked what caused the Crash of 1929….
    “As in a poker game, when the chips become concentrated into fewer and fewer hands, the other fellows can only stay in the game by borrowing. When their credit ran out, the game stopped.”

    The FED has cut their credit off, and the markets are where the real bleeding will happen. The greedy gut wannabes in the real estate game will fall out, too, and foreclosures will rise once again. It all fits together, so US propaganda uses Ebola as obfuscation.

  3. My degree is in history with an emphasis on the art and science of propaganda. US media covers no more than three subjects a day……all created by their writers. Today, it is Ebola, ISIS (CIA created) and the markets. They make no reference to the markets in Brazil, Russia, China, South Africa or India, just cry about the economy of the EU and the US……………….Putin has isolated these two debt ridden economies from the rest of the world economy.

    Believe me, this is the really big story.


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