Passenger With Ebola Symptoms Quarantined At Las Vegas Airport

Passenger With Ebola Symptoms Quarantined At Las Vegas Airport (ZeroHedge, Oct 10, 2014):

Six ambulances have surrounded a plane this morning at McCarran International Airport amid reports that a passenger on a Delta flight from New York is showing symptoms similar to Ebola, according to NBC3 local news.

Delta Airlines Flight 404 at Terminal 1, Gate D40 is the focus of the medical response.

UMC officials say they have been placed on stand-by to receive patients.

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1 thought on “Passenger With Ebola Symptoms Quarantined At Las Vegas Airport

  1. When I heard that idiot from Georgetown U on C-Span yesterday saying that closing off the infected nations from flights would be “illegal” and he is glad Obama “took it off the table”, I nearly threw up.

    Obviously, this illness is the beginning of a cull. With the falling food supplies thanks to Fukushima, which has killed the world’s largest ocean, and our lands can grow only radioactive foods…….death will soon be upon all of us.

    We cook from the inside out with radioactive poisoning. I already have some of the symptoms, and soon have to decide what to do. There is no cure, any more than there is a cure for my spine………how to die, that will be the new question, not just for folks facing incurable illness……but for all.

    Seeing what has already happened in CT, where there has been not one single case of Ebola…….the handwriting is on the wall.

    The dollar is going to collapse, and the greedy guts, and their government puppets want the people under control when they go to their banks or stock brokers, and find their money is worth only a tiny percentage of what it was a few days before……

    Is Ebola being used as a cull, or is it being used to prepare for the dollar collapse? Perhaps both, I don’t know, but what I see transpiring is now happening very quickly……we are down to weeks, not months.

    All monies are going east to Putin land. We have heard of no Ebola there, I imagine he has shut the borders, as a sane US would have done 30 years ago.
    Letting these planes come in and out of diseased nations as if nothing has changed is working against the best interests of the people and the nation.

    The goons in power don’t care. They are so stupid, such puppets………terrifyingly obedient to dark forces we cannot see. For those of us who can see behind the curtain, it is a dark force indeed.

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