Name This Hedge Fund … Its Leverage Is EXTREME To Say The Least …

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“Luckily, the people managing it have years of experience in managing massive portfolios, dealing with illiquidity, and trading markets… oh wait!”

Name The Hedge Fund (ZeroHedge, Oct 8, 2014):

 Back in 2007, the issue of leverage in the investment banking community (which hadn’t mattered to anybody for many years) suddenly mattered to everybody and for the usual reason in such cases: people started to worry about losing money. Amazingly, having financial institutions levered 30x became something to fear seemingly overnight; and, of course, whilst things like that can go on for a long time, as soon as the fear takes hold, it’s game over…


Its leverage is extreme to say the least…


And it’s been building for 7 years…



Today, in 2014, after the massive expansion of its balance sheet in the name of peacekeeping, the Fed’s leverage far exceeds what was enough to cripple the world financial system back in 2008.

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Luckily, the people managing it have years of experience in managing massive portfolios, dealing with illiquidity, and trading markets… oh wait!

Source: Grant Williams

4 thoughts on “Name This Hedge Fund … Its Leverage Is EXTREME To Say The Least …

  1. The guy who pulls the pins on this game will cause a world earthquake.
    It is already obvious, how they keep it going is beyond me.
    It is criminal, and were it not for criminals running this country as it slides headlong into destruction, they would have been jailed a decade ago, and we would not be over the cliff.
    It is too late. The game is already up. All that is left is the fast ride downhill…..for those who like a fast ride, enjoy it, it will be short, time is up.

  2. Let’s be honest Marilyn, we’ve all been trying to sound the bells for at least since it dawned that 2008 hadn’t led to serious resolving of the real issues.

    When it dawned on the few of us that the four phases of QE weren’t filtering down to create economic activity, they were being hijacked in bankster bonuses for conversion into gold, land, real assets, whatever, the writing was really on the wall.

    The latest auto loan issue, sums it all up. They keep kicking the ball down the road, but eventually the logic of the facts must initiate a bankster collapse.

    We obviously anticipated this event far too early. The peppers didn’t. The banksters didn’t. But they knew how to prolonged the event until they were ready.

    The auto loan issue facilitated that. And as it unfolds, as the sub prime did, the stupid gamblers who bought those financial packages will start to squawk, like yips do, but they won.t have lost anything, only numbers out of thin air, created to kick it down the road while they escape with their converted assets (gold & land).

    In the meantime, we will be left paying off the loans given to them to keep them afloat, because they’re TOO BIG TO FAIL…..AGAIN…….leaving us in perpetual debt whilst they wallow in abject luxury.

    It is time for a social correction, not just a financial/economic one.

  3. To friend, Stanley:
    You are correct, we called it all too soon, but it is now upon us.

    Now, here is another domino which my friends with whom I discuss economics say they don’t want to hear, but here it is…… Right now, the US market is jumping up and down like spoiled children, but the punishment is coming.
    The FED has been keeping the US economy current on their national debt by paying about 90% of the interest when it comes due. The FED is a private bank, it has no allegiance to the US or any nation…….its a bank.

    Point one: The FED was going to keep QE going through 2016. Then, they cut it to mid 2015, now, it is over next week. Whoooooo cry the greedy guts! No more free lunch.

    Point two: When will the FED decide to cut their losses, and stop paying on the US national debt? I think it is coming, and it is coming soon. That is the point nobody wants to hear, but I see it as clearly as I saw all the rest of this stuff…..economics is amazingly pragmatic.

    Putin has waged an economic war against the west, the US and the EU. The insane behavior of our leaders have played into his hands, he has managed to isolate the west from the rest of the world economically. The BRICS funds loan money to smaller nations who want freedom from US domination…..Russia, and the entire association making up his basket of currencies are all making money. The ones who are not, are the EU and the US.

  4. You suffer the same “ostrichitis” as I.
    Frustrating isn’t it?
    As I learnt about the way “sport” is, with banal soaps & sitcoms force fed to the burger eaters, I’ve noticed more & more how true it is. It keeps their low threshold minds totally cluttered and occupied to the extent there really is no point trying.

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