Western Water Grab – Another Means To Control The Population? (Video)

Western Water Grab – Another Means to Control the Population? (NorthWestLibertyNews, Oct 5, 2014):

In my opinion, water is our most valuable resource.  Oil, gold, rare-earth minerals and copper are just a few examples of the plethora of resources that we have available as a planet; however, we can live without them.  Water, on the other hand, is life, and those who control it wield tremendous power.

Out west, the battle for water has become a rallying point for those who depend upon water for their livelihood; as the CSKT Water Compact looks to put the Federal Government in charge of water flow via their proxy, the local Native American tribes.  The Fed’s use of Native Americans as “battering rams” for the furthering of their agenda of control is not new, as I outlined previously here.

Recognizing the potential dangers of federal water control, many citizens and activists alike have demonstrated the pitfalls of allowing Federal\Tribal control of a resource that is mandated to the individual state.  One such freedom fighter is Elaine Willman.  Elaine was in Flathead Valley, Montana for about 10 days in September, and I was delighted to be able to record one of her presentations.  Please do not think that the fight for water is an “out west” thing and not worthy of your attention.  For if this Compact passes in Montana, it’s effects will be sweeping and swift; and will, no doubt, touch the very water you now take for granted.

The Glacial Forum sponsored Elaine’s presentation which can be seen below.

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