Ebola: The Age of Created Destabilisation (Video)



Alex covers details on the quickly moving Ebola story. The disease is now spreading in America – from Texas to Kansas and points beyond – as the CDC and officialdom play down the risk and the government avoids protecting the American people. The CDC predicts the outbreak will widen in Dallas while stating that a ban on travel from Africa could worsen the spread of the usually fatal disease. Obama has announced he is dispatching another 1,000 troops to Africa to purportedly combat the disease.
CDC: “Even if we tried to close the border, it wouldn’t work”

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  1. The time to close the borders was over six months ago. As usual, nothing was done, flights from infected areas came and went freely, and now it is here. Just like Fukushima, no directions for personal safety are being drafted or given, just nothing, as usual. This is just as bad because it is invisible, and it takes communities by storm like invaders in the cloak of darkness. There is no cure, and there won’t be one because this virus, (lab created) mutates too quickly for any vaccine to work. Hoisted by our own petard. Even the greedy guts will have no special vaccine for this regardless of the paranoid fools who think they are already vaccinated. A vaccine can only work on a virus from nature that holds still long enough to work. Look at HIV, they still have no cure for it, and many thousands of people die daily from it. We just don’t hear about them, but I have known enough in my hospice work to know it is alive and well here and around the world.

    The market rejoiced because the FED promised to keep rates (to the greedy guts, not the rest of us) down through 2016. What they DON’T seem to understand is that the FED is no longer the powerful central bank it once was…….the money is going east, and without money, you cannot do much, let alone control world interest rates. Rates are going up around the world and here at home. Just look at mortgage rates, better than tripled this year alone.

    QE had to come to an end because 67% of the world no longer uses the dollar. Technology has made the need for any world reserve currency obsolete.
    BRICS has just set up a huge fund equal to E100 billion to loan money to smaller nations who don’t want US financial domination.

    Putin is a chess player. He is isolating the US from the rest of the world markets, and what the FED does has little relevance to most of the world, regardless of the talk on US financial propaganda. No matter what the FED promises the greedy guts, interest rates around the world, and here at home for the rest of us…are going up. The financial channels are saying higher interest rates are GOOD, and are NEEDED…..just for us, not the bankers.

    The FED had promised to keep QE going through 2016, now they are ending it next month. Reason is simple, the US is already sitting on piles of useless currency nobody wants. This has happened far more quickly than I imagined, and I have been following this story since 2010 when the world moved away from the US using baby steps…….but moving none the less. Now, nearly 75% of the world is in Putin’s corner. The only thing keeping the dollar afloat is the EU. When they dump the dollar, it will collapse.

    Now, on top of unemployment, David Stockman said we only added 13,000 jobs last month……we have Ebola……Ebola with a US patent on it.
    Between the economic war we are losing, Ebola, Fukushima, dead Pacific Ocean and all the other stuff, we are over the cliff and falling fast. For those who like fast rides, enjoy the fall, because the ground will be hard and fatal for millions.

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