Detroit Water Shutoff Bankruptcy Crisis Deepens (Video)

Oct 4, 2014


The Detroit water shutoff for people who have fallen two months behind on their water bill will continue, after the moratorium on the shutoffs was overturned. With Detroit struggling with recession and rampant bankruptcy, and resources to contact the water department failing to keep up with demand, the water shutoffs have been harder to overturn and outsourced to independent contractors that are not following the regulations to insure citizens are not being denied their necessary resources. We look at video from Detroit, and discuss the collapse of a human right in Detroit on the Lip News with Mark Sovel and Elliot Hill.

3 thoughts on “Detroit Water Shutoff Bankruptcy Crisis Deepens (Video)”

  1. Billions for war contractors for made up wars.
    Billions for corrupt games all over the globe.
    Billions to bully other nations to do their will, only now, most other nations have moved away………
    Do they know why?
    I doubt it.


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