I’m Back


I’ve been away the last few days.

I wanted to leave you a note, but catching my train has been a ‘just in time production’.

I thought I’ll be able to give you at least some updates and also tell you that there will be less updates for the next few days.

On arrival I found out that the computer that I thought I could be using was dead.

My apologies to all of you.

 I’m now looking through all your comments.



6 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Oh, thank goodness! I was worried something bad had happened to you. So glad you took a train trip, hope you enjoyed it, I always loved the train.
    Good to see you back with us.
    Warmest regards,

  2. A very clear example of why the US isn’t prepared for an Ebola epidemic…….they are doing nothing, not even shutting down the flights from the infected nations in Africa to the US. Even common sense stuff isn’t put into action. It is like the depopulation people are right! Between this growing debacle and Fukushima, not to mention WA state and NM, it seems they want to wipe out a large part of our population.
    There is no way to control who gets this, any more than there are those who will get sick from nuclear radiation…….. Perhaps they feel those of us on the west coast are the greatest danger to their dictatorship…..we are known to ask questions………I don’t know the answer, but it is getting disturbing.
    Also, this isn’t the first case. The first one was in CA, a caregiver who came home for treatment. He was in hospital in isolation, treated for 17 days and then released to go home to his family.
    Another news source says the virus has been noted in 40 states, and a ten year old girl died of it yesterday morning in Rhode Island……..what the hell is going on?

  3. Disgusting barnacles have replaced sea stars on our once beautiful west coast beaches. Sea stars don’t live in a vacuum………God only knows how many other essential sea life are now extinct.
    Between dead animals and barnacles, nobody will want to be near the stench of the dead bodies, or touch the barnacles……..they are repulsive, as anyone who ever owned a boat will tell you…..they are literally bottom feeders……and they cover our beaches.
    The vulture animals nature was so intelligent to put into the eco system will not touch the dead animals, they can smell the difference, they can smell the poison, and so the animals just rot there.
    I am so sorry for my good friends who have beach homes………such time and work goes to be able to afford one, now, nobody will want to live there. The stench of death (for those of you who don’t know the smell) has a disgusting sweetness to it…….and I don’t know what sea life will do to that smell….Ugh!

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