V The Guerrilla Economist: ‘The Big One Is Coming’ (Video)


H/t reader squodgy:

“More than coincidence.

All of this, like GMO, Climate Engineering, Vaccines & Pandemics, Wars, Common Core/Purpose, Market manipulation showing false growth, Gold suppression in face of exponential demand, covert inflation, unemployment with massive unfunded state subsidies which, with perpetual National insolvency it is not just random coincidence.

The relentless consistency of each by increments show it is impossible for all of it to be chance, all are being carefully orchestrated.

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Gold confiscation in 1933:

On This Day In 1933:

By January 1934, Roosevelt increased the dollar price of gold from $20.67 to $35, thus devaluing the dollar by 70 percent while increasing the value of gold that the government now owned.

Gold confiscation” today:

Governments Worldwide Are Implementing Orwellian Gold Confiscation Today. You Just Haven’t Realized it Yet.:

This article also explains how gold protected your financial assets in the past:

Now imagine you had converted your $20,000 into gold in 1913. In 1913, gold was priced at $18.92 an ounce. Therefore $20,000 would have bought 1,057 ounces of gold. Instead of holding $20,000 in the bank since 1913, had you converted this COUNTERFEIT money in the form of US dollars into the REAL money of gold and simply held 1,057 ounces of gold in a vault (granted one outside of the US) since 1913, your 1,057 ounces of vaulted gold would now be worth 1,057 ounces * 1,580 an ounce = $1,670,060 2013 dollars.

Here’s what happened to the U.S. dollar:


Sep 27, 2014

An ANP Exclusive Interview with “V The Guerrilla Economist”

(Note- The last portion of the interview had some sound issues, even after everyone rebooted and reconnected, but the meat and potatoes of the interview was in the first 25 minutes and clear as can be. The article that will be linked here explains what was said at the end)

Article link: http://www.allnewspipeline.com/The_Bi…

2 thoughts on “V The Guerrilla Economist: ‘The Big One Is Coming’ (Video)

  1. Squodgy: We are on the same page here. I have been watching this entire disaster unfold since 2010, once it became apparent the US would do nothing to fix its corruption, punish or try any of the crooks who sucked billions out of economies out of the world and that it was clear the US has been taken over by corporate scumbags.

    I was watching for something to unfold, and as you know by now, when I saw Hugo Chavez introduce the first electronic currency, the Sucre, for his tiny South American Trade Alliance in Spring of 2010, I knew the first step had been taken.

    It was clear to the world the US is run by criminals.

    Russia and China were both close allies of VZ, and watched closely. For the first time in modern history, member nations of Hugo Chavez’s organization were able to trade internationally with each other, using their own currency, leaving the dollar out. The entire GDP of the SATA was about $500 million, and it flew under US radar. The Sucre translated the value of each currency at the time of transaction, making the need for any international currency obsolete.

    Russia and China were so impressed by the success of the SATA trade alliance, that they formed their own trade alliance in November of 2010, using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. An electronic currency, similar to the Sucre, is used in place of a world reserve currency, and all nations can use their own currencies in international trade.

    I cannot believe I was the only one watching all of this unfold, but zero coverage was made on any of these land shaking events. If you go and Google Sucre now, the entire story has been scrubbed, leaving only the rudimentary story.

    China went on to recruit Turkey and asked Iran to join as well. Iran has been accepting most currencies for years, so are well versed in how that works. They went on to recruit most emerging nations in Africa, South and Central America.

    After more fool sanctions on Iran, a fruitful trading partner for most nations, India and Japan joined with the east. Australia and New Zealand dumped the dollar in 2012.

    Today, the US dollar is used in 33% of international trades, down from 100% at the beginning of 2010. The dollar has lost much of its value because of the arrogant and idiotic behavior by its leaders.

    As it stands today, the EU is keeping the dollar afloat. When it becomes more comfortable for them to join with BRICS, (Switzerland joined about a month ago) they will drop the dollar, and the dollar will collapse.

    The US made a huge blunder when it didn’t repay the gold Germany requested over two years ago. This was gold the US had been holding in trust since WW2, Germany only asked for half of it, and all they got were lies and excuses. Finally, in disgust, Germany told them to forget it. That was a very bad move, it proved to the world the US is broke, that it had been skating on US standing as the world reserve currency for years……there is nothing behind the dollar but ink.

    I have seen nothing to tell me the US won’t be standing by 2017, but the dollar as the world reserve currency certainly won’t be standing…….electronic currencies have rendered the need for any world reserve currency obsolete as the horse and buggy.

    The US won’t be a world leader by 2017, but it will not have vanished from the face of the earth.

  2. Marilyn, regarding the SUCRE, I am grateful you bring this up again, & have found this reference which is quite interesting.

    It is also the constitutional Capital of Bolivia, and the currency of Ecuador.

    How sweet is it that it also means ‘sugar’ in French?

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