Results of Obama’s Policy on Ukraine


Results of Obama’s Policy on Ukraine (Washington’s Blog, Sep 27, 2014)

2 thoughts on “Results of Obama’s Policy on Ukraine

  1. Infinity? Infinite war? Going around in the same circles forever?

    It is the forever idea that never works……….no such thing for anything or anyone……even galaxies

    At some point, the tank falls off the loop, and the game is up………and the fool calling himself Commander in Chief is the most dangerous of all. Nothing like the ignorant to ruin everything.

    Why are not Americans given candidates who have actually suffered the horrors of war personally, not just those who read about it? It makes a big difference.

    For some reason, one of my favorite quotes come to mind, a statement by FDR’s FED Chairman, M. Eckles in 1952. He was asked what caused the crash of 1929. We all know infinite (which is impossible) war and corruption lead to destruction, but this is what he said in relation to an economic question in 1952.

    “As in a poker game when the chips get concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, the other fellows can only stay in the game by borrowing. When their credit ran out, the game stopped.”

    Obama, a true Vandal from within, is destroying America for all time. There are so many things that point to our unavoidable extinction.

    A. 111th pope is Evil Benedict, foretold to be the last pope (an ancient prophecy). Francis is a PR guy, not a pope, put into the limelight to clean up the awful behavior of the current pope, Benedict. They did this once before towards the end of the Borgia reign…….to clean up their dreadful image. Regardless of what they say, Benedict is still pope.

    B. Fukushima and the millions who will die become of it.

    C. Food chain broken and destroyed, no efforts being made to fix it. Too busy creating wars and fictitious enemies. The US has lost all respect, and nobody will fight with or against them…..a rogue nation people despise. Rather like Marc Anthony when he went to war as an Egyptian against his own countrymen………nobody would allow him a noble death.

    D. US Currency on the brink of collapse; insane steps being taken to hide the fact, including the creation of wars with fictitious enemies.

    E. Oxygen disappearing, 50% of world supply of oxygen came from the living Pacific Ocean. Steps need to be taken to provide people and animals with alternate sources of oxygen.

    F. No efforts being made to slow or stop our extinction.

    G. Gaggles of fools running the nation down the cliff into extinction.

    H. Cutting down trees instead of planting them, by the thousands.

    I. No truth being dispensed, just more wars to enrich the few at the cost of everyone else.

    J. Joblessness and homelessness growing by the millions each month around the world. The entire world, with the exception of Russia, is in a grave depression.

    The corporate media has created a world for watchers that does not exist beyond the TV screens in their homes. When asked by a TV viewer what I thought of Putin, I said he was a genius.
    The person responded that I was one who loved Putin. No, I just look at all the information, and came to that conclusion. I am not a Putin lover, but propaganda is “if you are not with us, you are against us” mentality. What happened to open minds?

    A great symbol requiring real thought. Thank you.

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